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  • Paul Smith | 30. září 2019

    Good morning
    My wife and I had an excellent evening, food was excellent, staff were amazing and the music was great. A very enjoyable evening which we will be recommending to our friends and family who are visiting Prague in the future.
    Once again thank you all a very memorable evening.
    Paul Smith

    Posláno 11:31

  • Sue Kelly | 29. září 2019

    We had a wonderful evening ,
    The music was really good with the band building a nice rapport with the audience ,
    The food was good and the journey down the river was spectacular.
    It was our second wedding anniversary and made a memorable evening ! Recommend
    Sue Kelly

    Posláno 21:05

  • Gena Garson | 25. září 2019

    We went on the Jazz Boat evening cruise as part of my birthday celebration. It was all we hoped it would be - very relaxing cruising down the river - the band was excellent and staff provided a good service. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely recommend.
    Thank you.

    Posláno 21:27

  • Mrs and Mr Stropek | 23. září 2019

    I'm fairly fussy, and as a manager of Customer experience team I do really appreciate high standards of CU experience. So first of all: great experience. We had a lovely date altogether. Secondly: your staff is extremely helpful and gentle. Small misunderstanding appears when I asked for a cuttery for our dinner and your-man wouldn't have a clue. Later he approached to our table explaining the whole situation with style- we shake our hands and it all went stress-free. I will review you on tripadvisor too giving deserved 5 stars

    Posláno 14:43

  • Jaye Hayes | 22. září 2019

    This was such a great experience! We reserved table 10, which had good views out the window and of the band. We were delightfully surprised by the quality of the food (the salmon was divine), service, and the jazz. We didn't know what to expect from an accordion in the trio, but the whole experience was amazing. Highly recommended!
    Jaye Hayes

    Posláno 19:03

  • Eiroa Jorge Lopez | 16. září 2019

    Hello. Everything was perfect. Dinner. Jazz and boat. Congratulations!!!
    Eiroa Jorge Lopez

    Posláno 19:27

  • Johnson Lindsay | 15. září 2019

    Had a great evening swing melody quartet wee fabulous!!
    Lovely food too!
    Highly recommended
    John Lindsay

    Posláno 21:50

  • Alan | 15. září 2019

    Hi Vladimir,
    The service was very friendly. The band was excellent. And of course, the scenery was fantastic!
    I do wish there had been some space to dance. My wife and I swing dance - so a night of dancing on the Vlatava would have been romantic.

    Posláno 21:48

  • Carol Rideout | 13. září 2019

    Sorry for the delay in replying the trip on Weds 7th August was a great night out we came alo g to celebrate by brother-in-laws birthday the night was just perfect excellent meal, good wine all served by your excellent team our waiter was lovely sorry I can't remember his name. The jazz trio was great too a most enjoyable birthday treat & an end to a great city break in Prague.
    Many thank
    Carol Rideout

    Posláno 08:35

  • Liz Sudbury | 9. září 2019

    Hi ,
    My husband and I had a lovely evening, the entertainment was fantastic and the staff on the boat were great.
    We didn’t have a meal but we had drinks which were good quality and very reasonably priced..
    I would definitely recommend this trip and will do again next time we are in Prague.
    Liz Sudbury

    Posláno 12:40

  • Natacha Joets | 4. září 2019

    J'ai passé un excellent moment en écoutant une super musique avec un merveilleux repas ! Tout était délicieux !

    Posláno 12:04

  • Ian Back | 3. září 2019

    Thank you for an excellent evening. The music was great (Miriam Bayle), food was excellent, and the service very good.
    Ian Back

    Posláno 21:04

  • Ujjwal Sharma | 3. září 2019

    Me and my friend (from India) enjoyed a lot with nice Jazz music from Jana & team and city view. What a wonderful evening . We also found wonderful friends on our table from Norway making that evening a delight. Even after the boat trip, we enjoyed a lot with Absynthe with our wonderful new Norwegian friends.
    Greetings from Germany,
    Ujjwal Sharma

    Posláno 00:14

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