Milý hosté, abychom mohli zlepšit naše služby a pověst, je pro nás velmi důležité


naší práce. Pokud jste tedy strávili příjemný večer na Jazzboat, podělte se s námi o vaše zážitky. Napište nám přímo sem, na Tripadvisor nebo na Facebook. Děkujeme vám za váš čas a doufáme, že se s vámi nebo vašimi přateli znovu na Jazzboat uvidíme. 

Vložte hodnocení

  • Simon Gareth Collins | 28. prosinec 2018

    Thank you all so much for another wonderful evening.
    We did the Jazz boat last year on Christmas Day and enjoyed it so much that we came back to do it again and also to visit more of this amazing city.
    The food was great once again and the service was exemplary.
    The music was fantastic too.
    Already thinking of Prague for next Christmas and the Jazz boat tour as well.
    Hopefully will see you all again in 2019.
    Simon Gareth Collins

    Posláno 09:06

  • Beverley Hands | 27. prosinec 2018

    Fabulous evening spent on the Jazz boat, food, music & ambience perfect, thank you
    Beverley Hands

    Posláno 09:38

  • Kev Lewis | 27. prosinec 2018

    I would like to say how fantastic the Jazz Boat experience was. First of all Elena Sonenshine and her band were fantastic and you could tell they had a real love of Jazz and Swing.
    Secondly the waitering staff were as amazing and I was amazed by their efficiency and speed. We did not have the meal as we had eaten beforehand so only had drinks but they were very reasonably priced and the mulled wine and Beer were absolutely delicious and nothing was a problem for our friendly waiter.
    The boat was really cosy and I honestly didn't want the evening to end and felt quite sad when we departed. All I can say is keep doing what you are doing.
    Dekeuji! Kev Lewis

    Posláno 09:36

  • Perla Fabienne | 18. prosinec 2018

    Nous avons passé une soirée dans un cadre, une ambiance magnifique. Le groupe de jazz, le repas et la croisière de nuit laisseront un souvenir extraordinaire pour cette soirée d'anniversaire. Je recommanderais cette excursion à toutes les personnes qui iront à Prague.
    Sincèrement Perla Fabienne

    Posláno 20:45

  • Tim Linekar | 12. prosinec 2018

    A fantastic evening on Jazzboat. Terrific band, wonderful food, delightful staff, great atmosphere.

    Posláno 13:39

  • Paul Hatton | 11. prosinec 2018

    Thank you for an excellent night. The service was exceptional as was the quality of the food and entertainment. Good value for money. Best thing we done in prague
    Thanks again

    Posláno 12:15

  • Peter Linda | 10. prosinec 2018

    Hi, thanks for a really enjoyable evening on your Jazz Boat, i would recomend your evening dinner cruise to anybody, food was very good, as was your whole team.
    Entertainment was excellent, i appreciate good musicians, great guitarist,and vocalist, they were all very good.
    Thanks again for a great evening out on the Jazz Boat.

    Posláno 12:06

  • Harry and Sue Davies | 10. prosinec 2018

    Jazz boat was excellent, food staff and
    The music. We had a great time!
    Thank you all.
    Harry and Sue Davies

    Posláno 12:02

  • Tony & Diana Elkin | 10. prosinec 2018

    Another great trip, our 4th time on board.
    When the Trad Jazz or a Blues band is playing we always take our guests from the UK there for the evening.
    Good food, excellent service, and drinks at affordable prices make it a pleasant evening way to see Prague at night.
    I like the trip that does not go through the lock but cruises up and down under Charles bridge; looking at the lock walls for 1/2 hour is not as entertaining as watching the swans in the moonlight !
    Will continue to go !
    Best Regards
    Tony & Diana Elkin

    Posláno 12:01

  • Krishna Piyush | 5. prosinec 2018

    It was a fantastic experience, overwhelming at times to get such a brilliant feel of the place while listening to very very good music. Marta Kloučková Jazz Project were absolutely great in playing jazz standards and making them their own!
    Would recommend this to everyone who goes to Prague.

    Posláno 12:05

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