Milý hosté, abychom mohli zlepšit naše služby a pověst, je pro nás velmi důležité


naší práce. Pokud jste tedy strávili příjemný večer na Jazzboat, podělte se s námi o vaše zážitky. Napište nám přímo sem, na Tripadvisor nebo na Facebook. Děkujeme vám za váš čas a doufáme, že se s vámi nebo vašimi přateli znovu na Jazzboat uvidíme. 

Vložte hodnocení

  • Daniela | 30. srpen 2012

    Good afternoon,

    Me and my fiancé recently enjoyed an evening cruise on your jazz boat in Prague and would happily recommend it to our friends.

    We sat upstairs and pre-ordered the meal. The music through the speakers was loud enough to enjoy but not intrusive and the food was brilliant, good quality and very flavoursome. I had the vegetable lasagne which was a generous portion and filling, we also ordered a bottle of wine which we paid for on the boat. I loved going through the lock and found it fascinating!!!

    My only criticism is that towards the end of the cruise we simply circled the same area 3 or 4 times before pulling in to port, rather than seeing new scenery.

    Kind regards


    Posláno 15:26

  • Czes | 13. srpen 2012

    We recently had an evening on Jazzboat and we had throughly enjoyable time. The food was lovely, we sat on a table with different nationalities which was great. The music was fab. Would thoroughly recommend it.

    Posláno 08:46

  • Erika | 6. srpen 2012

    HI Mary,

    We loved our Jazzboat cruise! My family and I found the Jazzboat cruise online. We are from New York and found it very easy to book our reservation. We loved the music, food and the whole vibe of the cruise. The service was wonderful and we will probably book another cruise with them if we go back to Prague.

    Thank you Jazzboat for a wonderful night of fun memories :-)

    Erika Weber

    Posláno 17:40

  • Lisbet & Arne | 2. srpen 2012

    Dear Mary Jazzboat.

    We had wonderfull days in Prague. Music means a lot for us, and for the first time on recommendation we enjoyed an evening on board the Jazz Boat. Music with Petra Ernyei & Jacub Safr Q was in high class. Very intense and hair-raising! Nice meals and drinks were served by young, cherfull waiters. We will gladly come back!

    Yours Lisbet and Arne Svendsen, Denmark

    Posláno 17:57

  • Caroline | 2. srpen 2012

    Just few words for this very nice time during this cruise; we enjoyed it, for several reasons :
    first, to be in this marvelous romantic city, and to have dinner with good Jazz Music along the river, and passed through the one stage lock.
    a very grateful evening.


    Posláno 17:56

  • Thomas | 2. srpen 2012

    Ahoj Mary - Thanks a lot for your inquiry (o;

    This is Thomas from Denmark. ****** (6 stars) My trip to the Jazz Boat on the 25th July 2012 was wonderful. I've planned it in advance, because Vit Svec Trio was playing that night. I'm crazy about this band. I had my e-ticket and had reserved the best seat - table no. 9 just in front of the musicians. Everything worked out quite all right. I met a nice lady from Texas, USA. As expected, Jazz was amazing and the staff was very nice to me. No doubt, I will visit Jazz Boat again, when I'm back in Praha - very soon I hope - if the music suits me. This was my second visit to Jazz Boat. So long ;o)

    Posláno 17:53

  • Cassie | 2. srpen 2012

    I would like to tell you just how much of a wonderful time I had on the Jazz Boat. It was absolutely delightful. 5 stars all round. My partner and I bought had food on the boat as well and all courses were top quality. The atmosphere was brilliant and the musician (Stan the Man) was fantastic. I cannot praise the night highly enough. Would definitely come back again when I'm next in Prague.

    Best regards,

    Cassie Win

    Posláno 09:44

  • Ross | 2. srpen 2012

    Hi there,
    We really enjoyed our evening on the Jazzboat last Saturday (28 July).
    Could you do tell me who the singer and backing band were that played - they were great.


    Ewan Ross

    Posláno 09:43

  • Mark | 1. srpen 2012

    Dear Mary Jazzboat,
    I can honestly say we had a wonderful time, probably the highlight of a great trip to Prague.
    The food and service was very good and the band very entertaining.
    I have no hesitation in recommending the experience.

    Very Best Regards,

    Mark Phillips

    Posláno 13:51

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