Milý hosté, abychom mohli zlepšit naše služby a pověst, je pro nás velmi důležité


naší práce. Pokud jste tedy strávili příjemný večer na Jazzboat, podělte se s námi o vaše zážitky. Napište nám přímo sem, na Tripadvisor nebo na Facebook. Děkujeme vám za váš čas a doufáme, že se s vámi nebo vašimi přateli znovu na Jazzboat uvidíme. 

Vložte hodnocení

  • Paul V | 29. červenec 2010

    We were the boat on juli 27th. We enjoyed the concert of the Tam Tam band. The thrip iitself and the music were good. The realy down side is the food. We ordered a starter and a main course. The starter was on our table at 20:30 and it was not until 22:00 h. before our main course arrived. This main course itself was a dissapointment, since it was a piece of checken with some potato chips. If you have to wait more than one hour and fifteen minutes for hour main course, this is dissapointing. The kitchen is not capable to prepare everithing in à timely fasion.
    Our advice: have some dinner before you go on board, since the jazzboat is not the sailing à la carte restaurant they promis to be.

    Posláno 05:24

  • Friedmunt | 27. červenec 2010

    We had a trip with the Jazzboat on 21.7. with the wonderful Tam-tam band.
    + nice ambiente
    + food was good
    + music was great
    + service personel was kind and nice

    - it was very hot that day and almost not endurable on the inner deck. Consider opening more windows in such a case
    - meals came very late, we almost thought we would not eat that night.

    everything else was great.

    Regards, Friedmut

    Posláno 10:12

  • Terry Ross | 27. červenec 2010

    Thank you for the invitation to give feedback on our visit to your Jazzboat. It is good to see that you are actively pursuing continuous improvements to your activities.
    We had a very good evening. The music was of a high standard, and the food was unexpectedly good. Boat/train food is often poor – maybe due to limited galley space or lack of fresh supplies. In any case, we all enjoyed the meals we ordered. Drink prices are high. Service was good, fast and friendly.
    The boat itself is in exceptionally good condition in the restaurant area – no rust or dirt that I could see – not an easy accomplishment on a boat.
    I was especially happy to be able to join the band for a song.
    All in all I will definitely recommend the Jazzboat to my friends, and I will visit again when I am in Prague. Keep up the good work, and think a little more about the drink prices – it could deter some customers.
    Best Regards, Terry Ross

    Posláno 10:11

  • John and Ria Butterworth | 22. červenec 2010

    Hi. Yes we were on the jazzboat on 14 July 2010, the night after our wedding on 13 July 2010. We thoroughly enjoyed it - the band that was on (a woman and three men) were fabulous and really set a fun atmosphere. The food was excellent and the young lady that served us - and everyone else - all night was very pleasant. The only problem was the heat!! Prague was in the middle of a heatwave and it was incredibly hot on board - not something that you can plan for!

    Thank you for an extremely enjoyable evening - we loved every minute of it.

    Kind regards.

    John and Ria Butterworth

    Posláno 22:27

  • Lynne Mulholland | 22. červenec 2010

    Hi Mary
    Thanks for your email.
    We enjoyed the Jazzboat immensely. This is the second year running where we have booked the Jazzboat during our trip to Prague, and we would certainly recommend it to everyone! The music, food and service was superb and with the addition of the absolutely stunning views of the beautiful City of Prague, this truly was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
    We will certainly make sure we book for the Jazzboat on our return trip next year – it’s a must!
    Kind Regards

    Lynne Mulholland
    Glasgow, Scotland, UK

    Posláno 22:25

  • Rob & Maureen | 20. červenec 2010

    Hi ,

    Just to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed THE `JAZZBOAT'
    experience. The trio was indeed
    world class and the guitarist outstanding. Disappointed that we could not buy a CD of the trio.

    The 3 course menu was excellent and most enjoyable representing great value for money.

    Will certainly recommend the evening to all family and friends when they travel to Prague.


    Rob and Maureen Chester

    Posláno 10:19

  • Martin | 20. červenec 2010


    First of all i would like to say that me and my girlfriend had a fantastic trip with Jazzboat

    I would definetly do it again the next time i am in Prague. The mood was simply perfect and the surroundings also

    If i should make any suggestions it would be to improve the welcome drink, or maybe the choice in the menu, even though i know it must be difficult on a boat.

    I hope this is of any help


    Posláno 10:15

  • Perta Roberts | 19. červenec 2010

    Dobry den,
    Moc se nam nas svatebni dar – vecere na Jazzboat – libila. Obavala jsem se, ze to bude prilis turisticke – velka lod s co nejvice pasazery, vse predrazene, neosobni pristup obsluhy. Nic se ale z toho nepotvrdilo, lod je komorni, obsluha prijemna a ostatnich spolucestujicich bylo tak akorat, aby byli na sebe navzajem prijemni a na obsluhu se nemuselo prilis cekat. Vystupovala pri nasem veceru Amina a Vesna Caceres a hudba se nam velmi libila. Proto jsme vylet lodi s veceri dali take svatebnim darem nasim znamym.
    At se vam podnikani dari a prejeme mnoho stastnych plaveb.
    S pozdravem,

    Petra Roberts

    Posláno 17:55

  • Mr. Guha | 19. červenec 2010

    „We had a great time. No complaints at all“

    Posláno 17:54

  • Alex | 19. červenec 2010


    I want to share a couple of thoughts with you. It was really pleasant -- the evening was nice and beautiful. The music -- it was actually why I came to Jazz Boat- was great. The only thing was not very good for me as a dancer -- no placeto dance at all . I understand that on the boat there is no much space and there are many tables, BUT if there is music then it's obvious that some people will dance -- 2 or 3 copules. There was a littele bit of space, but waiters were going through it constantly and that was not very comfortable. Take one or two tables off and the Jazz Boat trip could be called perfect.

    Thanks anyway!


    Posláno 17:53

  • Ulrich | 19. červenec 2010

    Dear Jazzboat team,

    thanks a lot for asking for our comments regarding the Jazz Boat Excursion in Prague.

    I have to say that music and food was quite good.

    Actually air conditioning was almost not existing. The whole weekend was very hot, up to 35 deg.C and the installed aircondioning together with the tiny mobile unit in front of the band was much too weak to provide a comfortable environment in the whole cabin. Only at the very end of the cruise the temperature became acceptable. If advertise with AC, I expect something efficient.

    Best Regards,

    Posláno 10:53

  • Maria Holmes | 9. červenec 2010

    We enjoyed the evening very much. After all the walking during the day, it was nice to sit, relax and take in the beautiful sights and sounds of Prague. It will make a great memory as part of my first (but not last trip) to Prague!
    Maria Holmes
    from Harefield, Middlesex, England

    Posláno 10:24

  • Clinton Jones | 9. červenec 2010

    We had a wonderful time on the Jazzboat though we found some of the customers quite loud, and disrespectful of the artiste - Eva Emingerová and we did also notice that the placement of the band was suboptimal for the bassist. Not sure what could have been done about that but we would certainly recommend the adventure to our friends and colleagues.

    Clinton Jones

    Posláno 10:23

  • rodina Korchanová | 7. červenec 2010

    Dobrý den,
    děkujime za příjemný večer strávený na Jazzboat - u.
    Hudba byla výborná, plavba se nám líbila také.
    V podstatě jsme mněli jedinou připomínku - a to, že na první palube není klimatizace, a uvnitř bylo někdy až nesnesitelně horko. Venku zase bylo dost cítit naftu.
    Tak kdyby toto šlo nějak vylepšit - je jazzboat dokonalý :) Třeba otevřenými oknami....
    S pozdravem,
    rodina Korchanová

    Posláno 10:40

  • Kriangkrai S. | 3. červenec 2010

    Very nice to be there. Lovely music with good entertainer.
    Well service. Only one problem is it is too hot inside the boat!!

    could you pleasKriangkrai S.
    e open the windows during summer. It would be great.

    Posláno 11:09

  • Caroline Stamp | 2. červenec 2010


    I have been on the jazzboat with three different groups of people in the 4 years I have lived in Prague and have never had a bad experience.

    In fact last time(a few months ago) I enjoyed the music so much that I bought the CD. This was with my parents for my mother's birthday

    The view from the boat is great, the atmosphere is casual and the heat on Tuesday while sitting on the top deck, just made our evening.

    The only downside is that the ticket is very expensive and I am sure this puts people off. You could make it even better by offering a free glass of Bohemia Sekt after boarding.

    It is a cheap bubbly but typically Czech and people would love it.

    Hope to come onboard again soon,


    Caroline Stamp

    Posláno 16:34

  • Mrs J. Stam-Rietkerken | 1. červenec 2010

    Dear Mary,

    The music and the food were very good. The attention from the servants could have been better. We only took a main course and told the servant we should order dessert later. He never came back to ask if we maybe wanted a dessert or an coffee. Till we asked him. But after all we had a very nice evening and would recommend your trip.

    Mrs J. Stam-Rietkerken
    The Netherlands

    Posláno 14:24

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