Milý hosté, abychom mohli zlepšit naše služby a pověst, je pro nás velmi důležité


naší práce. Pokud jste tedy strávili příjemný večer na Jazzboat, podělte se s námi o vaše zážitky. Napište nám přímo sem, na Tripadvisor nebo na Facebook. Děkujeme vám za váš čas a doufáme, že se s vámi nebo vašimi přateli znovu na Jazzboat uvidíme. 

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  • Andrea | 27. květen 2010

    Vážení pořadatelé plavby na Jazz boatu,
    chci Vám tímto poděkovat za velmi příjemný večer, strávený na palubě Vaší lodi. Byl to po dlouhé době pro nás úžasný zážitek, mít možnost vidět město, ve kterém člověk žije už tolik let, ale stále znovu a znovu objevuje jeho krásy a taje:-)Moc ráda bych poděkovala také kapele, která ten večer hrála:"Cuban summer", perfektní!
    Budeme se těšit brzy nashledanou.
    S pozdravem Andrea

    Posláno 23:07

  • Thor Riseth,Norway | 26. květen 2010

    Hallo,I liked Jazzboat very much. It was my second time there and I will be back next time in Praha. The band Jazz Revue was good, played with a lot of humor and were good musicians. The food was ok, but no more than ok. I enjoyed the stay at the boat and so did my company. I will be back!

    Thor Riseth, Norway

    Posláno 11:57

  • Francesco e Gioia Borzelli | 19. květen 2010

    Hello, many thanks for your e-mail, our travel to Prague will be unforgettable to us and the last evening on the jazz boat was for me very pleasant (not really for my daughter, she is 13 years old and she obviously doesn't like jazz...). The food was good, the music too, the atmosphere was very nice. Maybe one critic for our table (No. 11), it was very small and very closed to our neighbours, but I can understand, the boat is not so big. So all in all a very good experience. I've been living in Berlin since 1986 and although Berlin has got more waterways than Venice and endless many shipping companies, I've never heard about a jazz-boat here. Maybe you will enjoy expanding your business in the second most beautiful town in Europe (after Prague)? ;o) Tanti saluti da Berlino e best regards, Francesco e Gioia Borzelli

    Posláno 16:08

  • Henning, Anne Sofie, Lars, Lene and Astrid | 19. květen 2010

    Hello again. We had an enjoyable and fantastic evening at Your boat. Both music, beer and surroundings where great. Regards Henning, Anne Sofie, Lars, Lene and Astrid

    Posláno 16:06

  • Chrissie and Andrew Ingle (UK) | 19. květen 2010

    Hello, Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We were on our honeymoon and attended the thursday evening Jazz trio and they were brilliant. The food was lovely, the service good and the atmosphere was perfect. Not only did we get to see all the bits of Prague that we had already seen by foot but also the outskirts which we had been unable to reach on our short break here. I recommend this trip to anyone who loves Jazz and is after a romantic evening. Thank you, Chrissie and Andrew Ingle (UK)

    Posláno 16:05

  • Emma & Fredrik | 19. květen 2010

    Hi The crouise was fantastic. The food was good and for a very nice price. The service was the best we have ever meet. Big complements to the band. We are going to tell all our friends about this cruise. Emma & Fredrik, Sweden

    Posláno 16:04

  • Petroula | 19. květen 2010

    Dear Mary, Thank you very much for such an excellent experience. My boyfriend and I enjoyed the Jazzboat very much. It was very comfy, the food was excellent and the music was entertaining. The service was great and the crew were very friendly. The atmosphere was welcoming and my boyfriend and I had an enjoyable time. If we ever return to Prague we would return to the Jazzboat and would highly recommend it to others! Thank you again for an excellent experience, the veggie lasagne was AMAZING!! Kind regards, Petroula

    Posláno 16:03

  • Michael Schmidt (Germany) | 19. květen 2010

    Hello, we have enjoyed the whole evening. The meal was well, the trip by boat too. The band were also very enjoyable. I think it is every time a nice experience listen to an original live Dixiland-Band. The band played well it was nice and fresh. Unfortunatly we will not come to Prague so quick back. But if we were here -I could imagine to come back to you. Bye Michael Schmidt (Germany)

    Posláno 16:01

  • Claire and Daniel Barr | 18. květen 2010

    Hello Jazzboat team, my husband and I had a great evening .Everyone was very friendly and worked very hard to make sure it all went well. JANA KOUBKOVÁ was really good and we thoroughly enjoyed her music. It was just a shame that there were some very noisy customers on the boat it did spoil some of the music, I suppose it would have been a bit cheecky to ask them to be a bit quieter so that we could hear it better?
    However, we would thoroughly reccomend the trip to others, many thanks Claire and Daniel Barr.

    Posláno 17:28

  • Joël Connault, Rennes, Brittany, France | 17. květen 2010

    We enjoyed our evening on the Jazzboat. The jazz group was very good, a singer with a nice voice and good music.
    The food was not the best we've ever tasted, but we're french and like grand restaurants, so we understand it's not easy to do the same in a small boat kitchen.
    Because Prague is a very interesting city, we recommend it to our friends and if some plan to come, we'll also recommend the Jazzboat.
    Au revoir !
    Joël Connault, Rennes, Brittany, France

    Posláno 00:44

  • Jeremy Monk | 17. květen 2010

    Dear Jazzboat,

    This was the 4th or 5th time that my wife and I have been on the Jazzboat. We find it one of the most pleasurable ways to spend an evening in Prague. I am vegetarian, so appreciate the vegetarian option on the menu.

    The music was perfect (we had heard Carus on the boat before) and not too loud. No real negative feedback to give. Why not try a non-jazz evening on the jazzboat from time to time. The Beatles revival are really good for example.

    Jeremy Monk

    Posláno 00:36

  • Brigitte | 9. květen 2010

    good morning,

    so some quick fed back - the first and most important comment is that your employee Lucie has proven to be extremely helpful, customer oriented and flexible. In this uncertainty of guest arriving or not arriving due to the volcano issue, she was very very helpful, open and flexible, friendly and attentive. If all service companies had employees like her, it would be a dream come true - so thank you.

    as to the boat ride per se - very lovely and beautiful as always- just two small comments -
    1)the music actually was a bit too loud so that a conversation was pretty difficult as long as they were playing (although the concert was very nice)
    2) we were all surprised to get a hot mint tea that had some apple juice in it - something that we had never experienced before and something that people did not like. The waiter handled the situation very well BUT I would suggest that in the future your staff might tell people in advance - this is just an idea.

    Otherwise it was a great experience as always and for sure I will take people on the boat again when we have visitors in town.

    all the best,

    Posláno 16:18

  • Kathleen and Alan Brown | 9. květen 2010

    What in the world can I say, after a rainy weekend we were pretty bored in the grey and wet Prague, then on the 4th May my Wifes Birthday Present from me (Which we did not disclose to anyone....) we had our best night out ever. The Traditional Jazz Band I wasn't looking forward to as Cool Jazz is my particular favourite.. but what a night, what a band, what a meal, what friendly service and in such pleasant company. You turned our holiday around and lifted our spirits for the rest of the week in every way.
    When leaving we left behind our CD of the band and were very disappointed to find it missing when we got back to the hotel. The following day we were in the area and decided to look and see if the Jazzboat was there and there it was at berth ready for the following night, we went down and asked the gentleman at the dock and he knew nothing about it, but took us on-board to ask the staff member in the kitchen......... guess what he remembered us the table we sat at and had the CD and handed it over smiling and saying how lucky we were...... guess what again we were lucky the day when we found the Jazzboat on the internet.

    Many Many thanks to your business and staff, it turned our holiday into one we will always remember, 10/10 for every little thing.

    We will be back

    Kathleen and Alan Brown

    Sunderland UK

    Posláno 16:17

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