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  • Bruno Seara | June 30, 2019

    It was a great experience; music, good and crew are good.
    Everything happened like was described no website.
    Bruno Seara

    Posted at 11:32

  • Shelley Shroyer | June 24, 2019

    Music was great and the food. Our server was very nice. I did feel like it took a bit long for us to get served with at least a drink order but after that the server was attentive. It just took a bit of time for everyone to get settled on the boat and initially served.
    I really was impressed with the quality of the meal. The pork was excellent!
    The band took 3 breaks which seemed like a lot. My son is a musician and also in a Jazz band and he was a bit suprised that they took as many breaks as they did. But, we really enjoyed the trio and they did a great job.
    Overall, we really liked the experience.
    Shelley Shroyer

    Posted at 20:36

  • Emanuela e Lorenzo | June 19, 2019

    Thank you for the beautiful experience we spent on the Jazz Boat with you. We appreciated it a lot, even because that date was speciale for us: it was our silver wedding anniversary!
    We liked both the music, both the atmosphere, including the food and the service. Sincerly recommended to our friends.
    Greetings from Italy
    Emanuela e Lorenzo

    Posted at 18:19

  • Constanza Teisaire | June 19, 2019

    We had a great time and found the experience to satisfy our expectations. Music, views, food and all the organization was very good. Also the purchase of tickets and table display through the internet was accurate and easy.
    thanks for a great experience.
    Constanza Teisaire

    Posted at 10:48

  • Beaumont Nigel | June 16, 2019

    Excellent evening! The band were marvellous and very interactive with the guests. Food was very good value and of an acceptable standard for the venue. Staff were welcoming and attentive. A very enjoyable evening on the river!
    Beaumont Niegel

    Posted at 12:52

  • MARIO E. MOSQUERA | June 12, 2019

    It was our first activity in Prague and it was the perfect beginning for our stay. A great experience. The musicians were fantastic, very good atmosphere and the food excellent. Even the rosé wine. Prague is famous for the beer, but I can say that you have a very good wines. I recommend Jazz Boat to everybody. A must do in Prague.
    Yours sincerely

    Posted at 10:38

  • Craig Ford | June 10, 2019

    The experience on Jazzboat was absolutely fantastic. The music was amazing, the views stunning, and the service unparalleled.
    Highly recommended for a nice relaxing evening dinner with great music - on a boat!
    Will definitely take the same river cruise the next time I am in Prague.
    Craig Ford

    Posted at 11:54

  • Lynn Denton | June 07, 2019

    Thank you for a wonderful evening on Jazz Boat. The Jazz band was fabulous, the food great, and a wonderful evening all in all!
    Many thanks to the organizers!
    Susan Lerch
    Lynn Denton

    Posted at 14:24

  • Christine Jones | June 07, 2019

    We had a wonderful evening on the jazz boat. The staff were very friendly and professional. Food was very good indeed and the jazz Music was excellent.
    This trip was recommended by a friend in the UK who had been on it at the end of 2018.. I would highly recommend it and it was a highlight to our trip to beautiful Prague.
    Christine Jones

    Posted at 14:23

  • vzsd10 | June 04, 2019

    Thankyou for a great evening, it was a wonderful way to start our first night in Prauge. My only critic is that it would have been nice to have a little bit of historical information about the places of interest we were passing, even if only what it was. I realize it was on the table but for a first time a little hard to work out. Never the less and great evening, with awesome jazz and very good food and drink ..
    "well done Jazz boat "!

    Posted at 07:30

  • Monique Greveling | June 03, 2019

    We had a nice stay jazzboat and liked the band and singing very much!
    We were glad though to be inside because outside you could hardly here the music. Before we knew this, we were in doubt whether we should have chosen to sit outside. The site information suggests a same sort of musical quality below and on the deck, which isn’t the case. So better mention something about this I’d say.
    We had the menu and were pleased with the quality. Fortunately it wan’t brought all too quickly.
    And boy! How hard people were working!!! But smooth it was. So, congrats

    Posted at 18:35

  • Lazaros Kyrillidis | June 03, 2019

    We had a lovely time on Sunday 26th May. The food was good, the trip was good and above all the musicians were excellent.
    Unfortunately the crowd were not as good, as they were shouting and didn't pay any attention to the musicians.
    All in all a very good experience and my partner liked it equally as much.
    Thank you!

    Posted at 18:34

  • Eileen Maclean | June 03, 2019

    Hi. There were 12 of us on the jazz cruise. We loved it. Food was very nice indeed and we really appreciated the music. We Would have liked to have stayed on and gone further on the river but all good things need to finish.
    Many thanks

    Posted at 17:37

  • Bernice Hodgkinson | June 03, 2019

    We had an amazing evening on the Jazzboat trip.
    Lovely meal and very friendly staff.
    Excellent jazz band.
    Lovely way to see the city at night.
    Would highly recommend.
    Good value for money.
    Bernice Hodgkinson

    Posted at 17:36

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