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  • Louise McIntee | May 24, 2019

    We had booked this in advance so we had our chosen table booked. The weather was awful that night but the cruise was lovely and relaxing and the jazz band not too loud. The meal was very nice and the staff very attentive and friendly. Would definitely recommend.
    Thank you
    Louise McIntee

    Posted at 09:32

  • Stephen and Jennifer Tobias | May 23, 2019

    What a wonderful evening!
    Great food and great music with my wife! ... a highlight to our visit to Prague!
    Our seats were inside where it was warm and dry, with a great window seat and view of the city lights!
    Being inside did make the music a little loud for conversation but we managed.
    The singer and her band were outstanding! Total professional! I would highly recommend this cruise to my friends and family!
    Our server Barbara was especially nice and took care of all of our needs!
    Thanks for a great time!
    Stephen and Jennifer Tobias
    California, USA

    Posted at 11:25

  • Anke | May 22, 2019

    Hi Jazzboat Team,
    thank you for a memorable evening cruising the Moldau, listening to a high quality band and enjoying dinner, which was much better than expected on a sightseeing boat.
    We gave the tour to a friend as a birthday surprise and he was really excited although he lives in Prague and knows the sights. I also found the crew very friendly. They made it feel like a special evening, although it is a daily program.
    Check out all the different acts in the program, they all seem like very good musicians with a great variety which speaks for the high musical standard of the operator. Will definitely recommend this tour to friends.
    Kind regards

    Posted at 11:16

  • Mary Ann | May 20, 2019

    We had a wonderful time on the jazz cruise Friday night. The music was great! And we had a table right by the window, perfect for taking photographs. We did not order food but had a nice bottle of wine.
    Mary Ann

    Posted at 10:31

  • Stefan Svensson | May 16, 2019

    We joined the Jazz boat with three course dinner at the 13 of May. Dinner, entertainment and splendid service all to our satisfaction! And the unforgettable views of Prague in evening lights. My best thanks to the Jazz Boat team, this will a must for all who visiting Prague!
    Best regards
    Stefan with family

    Posted at 15:39

  • Mike and Mary Matura | May 12, 2019

    The evening was great well worth the cost. Our waiter was excellent and the music was very entertaining. The food was excellent. You couldn’t fault the experience. Was a great night.
    Mike and Mary Matura

    Posted at 11:42

  • Jayne Batchelor | May 12, 2019

    We booked the Jazz boat as we are big jazz and blues fans! The whole evening was fantastic. Great food, great music, and excellent value for money. The boat was spotless and the staff were excellent.
    Fantastic evening! Highly recommended.
    Jayne Batchelor

    Posted at 11:40

  • Gary Wilson | May 09, 2019

    Great jazz group on May 7 dinner cruise. The chicken entree was good. Excellent service and friendly staff.
    Gary Wilson

    Posted at 00:15

  • Alan Potter | May 07, 2019

    We happened upon your activity through Google maps pin.
    It was a pleasant opportunity to see Prague at night from the river inside (as it was raining). Big bonus was meeting and chatting to other travellers. That's when the music was a bit too loud tbh!
    The food was a bit cold when first brought to table. I sent mine back reheated.
    All in all an enjoyable evening but probably need a bigger boat for space to listen and talk.
    Mr Alan Potter

    Posted at 11:31

  • Margaret Perston | May 07, 2019

    Thoroughly enjoyable evening. Music was excellent and meal very good. Would recommend
    Margaret Perston

    Posted at 11:16

  • Christian Birebent | May 05, 2019

    Music, food, wine, people : everything was good.
    Sincerely your's,
    Christian from Paris

    Posted at 20:17

  • Andrei Siminic | May 02, 2019

    This was a very enjoyable experience! Everything was great! Thank you!
    Andrei Siminic

    Posted at 11:08

  • Sirkka Koivuniemi | May 02, 2019

    It was a fantastic trip.What else coud I say?We will come again!!
    Best wishes and with love three happy women from Finland
    Sirkka Koivuniemi

    Posted at 11:04

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