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  • Mgr. Richard Horečný | October 31, 2018

    Dobrý deň ,
    našťastie všetko postarom ...
    Skvelá hudba, vyborné jedlo, prijemná obsluha ... čo dodať ...
    Ďakujeme , že sme mohli stáviť užasné výročie
    100 rokov ČESKOSLOVENSKA ,
    za Českú republiku Jitka
    a za Slovenskú republiku Richard
    spriaznené duše aj po 28 - rokoch / magické osmičky /
    Ďakujeme a želáme štastnú plavbu so skvelou hudbou ...
    Mgr. Richard Horečný

    Posted at 12:01

  • Mr and Mrs Kular | October 31, 2018

    Lucille / Vladimir
    We had a Wonderful evening on the Jazzboat - Thank you very Much
    Marta and and the Band thoroughly entertained us and she sang with such passion and feeling.
    Table 9 gave us a Perfect view and we shared a table with a French Couple that also loved the experience.
    When the performers are on stage maybe a bit more respect from other guests should be requested as a lady was very loud on table next to us and a few signs around the boat may help
    "Please be respectful to other guest enjoyment of the entertainment provided"
    Thank you very much - couple of photos attached
    Mr and Mrs Kular - UK

    Posted at 12:00

  • Carol | October 29, 2018

    Jazz Boat is wonderful, certainly the most animated boat in Prague. We are brasilians and we love dixie jazz that why we choosed to go on Jazz Boat on the day of JAZZ REVUE presentation. The music was wonderful. We order as appetizer cheese and cold plates and for dinner salmon and chicken. Everything very good. I really recomend Jazz Boat.

    Posted at 19:58

  • Bosse Hammarström | October 29, 2018

    My wife and I wanted to spend a few days in Prague and booked a three day visit. Before leaving I browsed the net for jazz in Prague and found that there is something called the Jazz Boat. I found out that on Friday 26 a singer called Elene Sonenshein was going to sing with her group. So we bought tickets on line hoping for the best. On the day of the concert we made some reconnaissance finding the place from where the boat left and we made a sightseeing trip with the ship in the afternoon.
    Later, we returned and had wonderful evening with a jam packed boat, people enjoying eating and drinking, crew and staff working hard to satisfy the passengers.
    Elena S was a nice acquaintance, we had never heard her, her band was very good too. We will spread information about the jazz boat to our friends.
    It was definitely one of the highlights of our Prague visit.
    Thanks guys!
    Bosse Hammarström

    Posted at 10:36

  • David & Anne Petrie | October 25, 2018

    Thank you for a very enjoyable evening great music food and drink not forgetting the view of Prague by night not to be missed.
    David & Anne

    Posted at 13:40

  • Joan and Malcolm | October 24, 2018

    We had a wonderful evening on the Jazz boat
    After a busy day in Prague it was the perfect way to relax and see the city from the water. The food was delicious , a much higher standard the we expected and the staff working on the boat were friendly and efficient.We would do it again.
    Joan and Malcolm Netherlands

    Posted at 11:46

  • Julie Donatelli | October 23, 2018

    My husband & I really enjoyed our evening on the jazz boat-we sat at a table for 2 by the window-but the boat is small enough where everyone has a nice view. The music was delightful, along with a lite snack, cheese plate & quesadilla, cruising slowly along the river -made for a lovely evening! The staff were friendly & very accommodating. It was definitely an experience to remember & we would definitely do it again next visit to Prague.

    Posted at 11:05

  • Marija Skaljac | October 18, 2018

    I've liked everything. My nicest night in Prague.
    Magic scenery, beautiful music, good food and wine.
    Very romantic.
    Marija Skaljac

    Posted at 11:15

  • Ian Cutler | October 06, 2018

    We thoroughly enjoyed the night views, music and overall experience of our Jazzboat river cruise.
    Ian Cutler

    Posted at 10:02

  • Tom Truax | October 05, 2018

    We enjoyed a great Thursday evening on the Jazzboat two weeks ago. We chose that Thursday based on the musician who was playing. Since the music is a big part of the evening, be sure to choose the type of music you like. Also, be sure to make reservations well ahead of time. The evening weather was beautiful, Prague sparkled in the nighttime, the music was great, the food was surprisingly good, and the service was excellent. No complaints whatsoever. The Jazzboat should be at the top of your must do list.

    Posted at 02:22

  • Josef Pozivil | October 02, 2018

    Jana was perfect! Very nice experience.

    Posted at 14:02

  • Zlatuše Pabstová | October 02, 2018

    Plavba po Vltavě s JazzBoat s Janou Koubkovou Kvartetem byl úžasný zážitek. Atmosféra se živou hudbou a nádhernými panaramaty noční Prahy byla neopakovatelná. Jídlo bylo též výborné, je obdivuhodné, jak na tak malém prostoru parníku byl personál schopen zajistit tak bohaté menu.Určitě doporučuji všem si tuto příležitost dopřát.
    Zlatuše Pabstová, Praha

    Posted at 13:59

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