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  • Emma May | July 31, 2018

    I visited the Jazzboat on 29th July 2018 and it was really wonderful. The service was alittle slow but it was because of how busy it was however the staff were friendly and welcoming :) loved the evening it was amazing!
    Kind regards
    Emma May

    Posted at 12:11

  • Martin and Rachel | July 30, 2018

    We had a fantastic evening enjoying a lovely river boat cruise, brilliant jazz band and wonderfull three course meal..
    The whole experience including service was outstanding.
    Many thanks to all involved.
    Martin and Rachel

    Posted at 22:26

  • Riitta Koskela | July 24, 2018

    We liked very much. It was very nice boat and
    food and service was so good. Thank you.
    Best regards ,
    Riitta Koskela

    Posted at 22:17

  • Valerie Willem | July 20, 2018

    Dear "Jazz boat" tram
    We spent a delightfull evening on your boat. The food was fois ,the mood was, as we expected, nice and easy and the band played and sang beautifully.
    Spécial thanks to the waitress, so gentle.
    We will recomand you.
    Have a nice day
    Valérie W

    Posted at 10:56

  • Detlef Pešek | July 20, 2018

    Naše kamarádka, věkově jako náš syn, smutnila, že právě v úterý 17.7. 2018 bude oslavovat svoje narozeniny sama. A tak, abychom ji udělali radost, rozhodli jsme se uskutečnit projížďku na Jazz Boat. Já s manželkou jsme se projížďky zúčastnili již několikrát. A vždy se nám to velice líbilo. A toto úterý to byl zase báječně strávený večer. Hudba byla příjemná, večeře chutná a i to že loď nebyla přelidněná bylo příjemné. Nám se projížďka moc líbila a byli jsme rádi, že i naší kamarádce jsme udělali radost. Určitě si návštěvu ještě zopakujeme.
    S pozdravem
    Detlef Pešek.

    Posted at 10:55

  • Julia Quesnel | July 18, 2018

    I had a wonderful experience on your Jazz Boat on 13.07.2018. Nothing to complain about, the band was amazing and the timing was perfect - we really had time to eat dinner slowly and nicely while enjoying the music. Very good service too, the waiter even came to bring us the dessert outside when they saw we were not at our table inside. Simply amazing! Keep it this way :)
    Kind regards,

    Posted at 22:29

  • William Vallejo | July 14, 2018

    Hello dear friends:

    We were at Jazzboat on Jul 10, 2018. We decided to start our visit to Prague sailing on Moldova river and it was an exceptional experience. Music was really good: a wonderful voice and really good musicians. Food was delicious. Staff was really courteous and helpful, In summary, we couldn’t choose a better way to initiate our visit to this wonderful city.
    Thank you,
    William Vallejo

    Posted at 23:08

  • Sian Williams | July 13, 2018

    The evening Jazz Boat experience was by far the best in
    Prauge!! The food was exceptional!! As was the
    music and ambiance. Well worth the money.
    Diolch a hwyl fawr!!

    Posted at 12:47

  • Laurie Hofmann | July 12, 2018

    Hello, We had a wonderful experience on your jazz boat! It was the perfect way to end our 10 day vacation!

    Posted at 16:33

  • Howard E. Schwartz | July 12, 2018

    My wife and I attended the Jazz Cruise on July 5. We LOVED it. I found check in very easy and efficient. I know it's difficult getting everyone seated but I found the start very hectic. Servers were not sitting around but it seemed frantic. Once we got going I thought everything ran very smoothly.
    I enjoyed the pace of the boat - not too fast. the music was very good. I like the fact that you provided very good descriptions of the type of music to be played that night. It allowed me to make the best choice to suit our musical tastes. I also like the idea that you have various types of jazz available. Therefore there is something for everyone.
    These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if I can provide you any additional information.

    Posted at 16:32

  • Hakim Filali Baba | July 12, 2018


    We really enjoyed our jazzboat experience during our stay in Prague. Definitly, one of the best experience that we had in our stay. Everything was good, the welcome, the food, the atmosphere, we wish it was longer and we could past an other night in your boat !
    Kind regards,

    Posted at 16:30

  • Dale Russell | July 12, 2018

    Our local tour guide recommended the Jazz Boat, and we are so glad she did. Set sail on the Danube and see the city of Prague lit up in a glowing, beacon of yellow and white wonder. You will never forget the Charles bridge seen in this light and from this river vantage point. And, then the music starts. Elena Sonenshine's three piece band was laying down jazz licks with accomplished precision. And Ms. Sonenshine, who studied music in America, was pitch perfect as she brought the music of Ella Fitzgerald to life. While the views are stunning, and the music a toe tapping delight, the food comes along and what a surprise - delicious. It was a bit warm on July night, so just head upstairs and listen to the music piped in and enjoy the breeze. All in all, a highlight of our wonderful stay in Prague.

    Posted at 16:29

  • shadowfox522 | July 12, 2018

    Dear Jazzboat,

    First of all I appreciate that you gave me a chance to get fantastic experience in Prague.
    I was there for honeymoon, and I can say your jazzboat was the best spot in my honeymoon.
    Fantastic music, magical night view, awesome food.. all of things made us happy.
    And I definately will visit your jazzboat if I go to Prague again some day.
    Thank you.

    Posted at 16:29

  • Phil Grant and Eddie Gaylard | July 12, 2018

    Hi Jazz Boat - we had a really excellent evening. The three course veggie meal was very good, the jazz quartet also very good fun and being on the river as dusk and then evening set in, was lovely. Staff throughout the trip were very good and highly organised too. The jazz boat was the highlight of our trip to Prague.
    Many thanks - Phil Grant and Eddie Gaylard

    Posted at 16:26

  • Nicole Weiner and Ivan Furlan | July 12, 2018

    Initially i was worried about the space on the table for 4 - but it worked out great and we really enjoyed the evening! and the food was really good! simple and tasty food, fabulous musicians, and really nice waiters, and of course an unparalleled view of the city. I would definitely suggest it to anyone visiting or living in Prague! keep up the good work!
    Nicole Weiner and Ivan Furlan

    Posted at 16:25

  • Tom Rusca | July 12, 2018

    My wife and I had a very enjoyable evening on the Jazz Boat.

    Thank you,
    Tom Rusca
    Castro Valley California

    Posted at 16:24

  • Norm Reeder | July 12, 2018

    We loved everything that night—Tuesday. The salmon and pork were delicious. The singer and combo we wonderful. We really enjoyed ourselves and made good memories
    Norm Reeder

    Posted at 16:23

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