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  • David Jones | December 27, 2017

    I am not a lover of Jazz. However, I wanted to experience something different whilst in Prague so I booked the Jazz boat for or meal on the Evening of Christmas Day (25th December). I was there with elderly mother and I have to say this was probably the best evening in our 6 days in Prague. The organisation is very slick and it does not feel like a typical excursion. The boat is beautifully laid out, all of the staff carry out their jobs swiftly and efficiently. We decided to have the 3 course pork meal and again this did not disappoint, well cooked, flavoursome and decent portion size and the price very reasonable along with the bottle of Bohemian Brut. The musicians were excellent and the whole atmosphere was relaxing whilst you took in the lights and sites of Prague. I have to make special mention of our waitress Dominica, she was lovely. The only waitress I saw smile in Prague. This was an excellent tour which I will remember for a long time to come.

    Posted at 13:01

  • Éléonore Rybka & Marius Moulis | December 22, 2017

    Dear Vladimír Nejedlý,
    We really enjoyed our trip on the Jazz boat ! It was magical and perfect to get engaged !
    Thank you so much for all you done to make this moment carved in our minds and hearts...
    You guys are so great !
    Best Regards,
    Éléonore Rybka & Marius Moulis

    Posted at 13:39

  • Jana Gajanová | December 13, 2017

    Dobry den, chcem podakovat vsetkym za krasny zazitok a skvelu organizaciu. Urcite si to s manzelom niekedy v buducnosti zopakujeme.
    Jana Gajanová

    Posted at 10:31

  • Stéphane Jacobs | December 12, 2017

    Hello! Thanks again for the unforgettable experience!
    See you again!
    Stéphane Jacobs

    Posted at 10:27

  • Guest | December 12, 2017

    You could call me a Jazz boat fan :-). I have participated in a Jazz boat trip twice now and have also given it as a gift twice already. The food is always great. The singer did a great job, right on key and engaging the audience. The view as well - only it seemed to me that we kept going around th Charles Bridge this time. Perhaps due to some circumstances we are not aware of. Thank you for a great birthday night!

    Posted at 10:27

  • Sian and Seth Caldwell | December 06, 2017

    This was mine and my husband's third time on the jazz boat, the first time we went was on our 1st anniversary 7 years ago! It was our 8 year anniversary on Sunday. It's a great experience, great music and we like the fact you get to see different acts all of which have been fantastic. Good value for money and a great way to see Prague and spend a relaxing evening.
    We love the jazz boat and will always book it every time we're in Prague!
    Thank you!
    Sian and Seth Caldwell

    Posted at 21:52

  • Teresa Houlborne | December 03, 2017

    We had a lovely evening on the Jazz boat -very efficient with excellent service from our waitress. We enjoyed the views and music very much. Would recommend.

    Posted at 15:38

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