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  • Michael Schweigler | April 28, 2017

    I'm a music professor from Denmark and I allways bring my students on a trip with the Jazz Boat - It never fails and the stanard is so very high.
    With Tereza it was a sublim experience - she and her band was exellent in their performance.
    Cheers Michael

    Posted at 21:45

  • Milan Hrapko | April 25, 2017

    Dobrý den,

    večer strávený s Jazzboat byl velice příjemný - strava skvělá, obsluha rychlá a slušná. Hudba i zpěv na vysoké úrovni. Byli jsme spokojeni a určitě opět pojedeme.

    S pozdravem

    Ing. Milan Hrapko

    Posted at 11:37

  • Elena Diaz Gonzalez | April 23, 2017

    We just got home and told our kids all about it. Before we left we told our friends there and they too want to go. I highly recommend Jazz Revue. They are extremely talented and entertaining. We really enjoyed the food as well and the service was excellent. This is a must when visiting Prague. We were so interested in the jazz presents in Prague that I had to come home and research it's roots. What a history!
    Thank you!

    Posted at 22:29

  • Paul Morgan | April 20, 2017

    “A Titanic experience on the Jazz Boat, the only thing needed was an Iceberg”


    The initial meet and greet was good and in line of what I would expect but 30 minutes through the ‘’JAZZ experience’’ we were confronted by a number of fellow guests who were being extremely vocal sitting adjacent to us while the Jazz band were playing. It became necessary to speak to these individuals as the volume emanating from this area become unbearable so I spoke to the individuals to ask them to reduce the noise as we could not hear the band playing even though there was a speaker above our table. The group did quieten down for a short period of time but this was short lived and once again we were unable to hear the band playing again due to the high volume of noise from the table. One of the group came over and advised us that he knew the owner and would arrange for a table downstairs which I declined but a member of the management team arrived approximately 30 minutes later to offer the use of a table which they had set up especially for us, which I declined. The person went onto say that we had paid less than the people who were seated downstairs which I found surprising as the cost of the same package is the same price and I would expect the same level of ‘’unique experience’’ as those on the lower deck. I was fully aware that the music was to be heard through the speakers but not even able to even enjoy that was very disappointing due to the table opposite and the lack of the management being able to keep the table quiet.

    As my wife purchased this Jazz boat experience as it was my birthday, we did hear very little of the music. Although we were offered alternative seating on the lower deck (they would squeeze a table and chairs in as this was full when we booked )this was not the solution to the problem, paying the same price and purchasing two bottles of wine the cost to us was £100, the whole experience should have been a good one as I was looking forward to the Jazz music regardless of the food and wine on offer.

    My only recommendation would be to stipulate in the marketing that if you are seated on the top deck there is a possibility that your enjoyment could be curtailed if there are a people in the area making a noise and you will not be able to hear the jazz music and experience the same level of enjoyment as the people on the lower deck.

    Visited March 2017

    Posted at 20:01

  • Barbara | April 20, 2017

    I had a great time at the JAZZ BOAT when visiting Prague with my fiancé. The food and wine were excellent . Staff was very friendly and attentive.
    We enjoyed the music and the whole atmosphere was just awesome. We could not choose a better place to have a romantic dinner.

    Posted at 19:55

  • Heather and Terry | April 18, 2017

    Greetings from Australia.

    We booked a Jazz Cruise from Australia - not a boat from Australia!! We were not disappointed! The food was excellent, and the staff were friendly and accommodating - especially the wine guy - he got my humour too! The space was warm on a cold April evening, The musicians (Miroslav Hloucal Trio), were superb. We know trumpet jazz and they did it! We requested "My Funny Valentine", and they gave a beautiful rendition. The announcements were not clear, it could be the table (#11), we were sitting at.An added bonus was the wonderful scenery witnessed from the boat. It was an enchanting evening and not to be missed.

    Heather and Terry from Australia

    Posted at 15:47

  • Denise Briffa | April 04, 2017

    It was excellent. I wasn't expecting much from the food as usually it's not great on these touristy things but we were very pleasantly surprised. The band was top notch.
    Denismandiri quevedo

    Posted at 08:13

  • Sylvain Darnand | April 02, 2017

    un seul mot GENIAL !!!
    Le repas était très bon, avec la croisière les monuments étaient mis en valeur et pour finir le groupe de Jazz merveilleux.
    Nous avons passé une superbe soirée et nous indiqueront votre site pour des personnes qui vont à Prague
    Sylvain DARNAND

    Posted at 22:42

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