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  • Ann from Aberdeen Scotland | July 25, 2016

    The night was great, band and food were outstanding.

    Thought the whole package was great value for money, would have bought the CD if where to buy them had been obvious.

    Thanks for a great evening


    Posted at 10:46

  • Chloe galy | July 25, 2016


    We really had a good time. The band was great. The food was really good, to be honest I did not expect this quality as there is not so much space in the boat to cook. The staff was nice, we had the table next to the window with the view on Prague. I liked to have a "resume" of the tour on the paper under the plate. It was possible to recognize the famous buildings. It was amazing, it would be a pleasure to come back.

    Kind regards,

    Posted at 10:45

  • Angelika & Axel | July 25, 2016

    Dear all,

    since I am a German citizen I would like to give a review in my language.
    This could help other Germans. In summary we enjoyed a perfect evening.

    Wir verbrachten auf dem Jazz Boot einen wunderbaren Abend. Das Schiffspersonal
    war aufmerksam und freundlich. Das Drei-Gang Menü war lecker.
    Die Band, bestehend aus älteren Herren, spielten Dixieland und traditionellen
    Jazz vom Feinsten. Die Spielfreude übertrug sich auf das Publikum, so dass
    eine super Stimmung aufkam. Wir saßen auf demselben Deck, auf dem die
    Band spielte. Daher weiß ich nicht, wie es auf dem oberen offen Deck war.
    Hier wurde die Musik per Lautsprecher übertragen.

    Mit der untergehenden Sonne hatten wir einen wunderbaren Blick auf
    die stimmungsvolle Kulisse von Prag.

    Gerne empfehlen wir diese Tour weiter!

    Herzliche Grüße

    Posted at 10:44

  • Anna | July 25, 2016

    Dobrý den,

    na Jazzboatu jsem byla již po páté - vždy si vymyslím nějakou záminku,
    abych mohla vyrazit. Moc se mi líbí koncept plavby lodí starou Prahou, k
    tomu dobré jídlo a hudba. Hudba je vždy tak trošku sázka na nejistotu -
    ne vždy se člověk trefí, tím spíš, když má na výběr jenom několik
    volných termínů z důvodů přizpůsobení času všem ostatním
    kamarádům/účastníkům. Ale zatím jsem se ani tady nijak zvlášť
    nezmýlila. Děkuji, že tento podnik tak hezky vedete a můžeme si díky Vám
    a Vašemu týmu užívat příjemné večery s úžasným pohledem na Prahu.

    S přáním hezkého dne

    Anna Rožnovská

    Posted at 10:44

  • Brad | July 08, 2016

    We loved the evening! The ambiance was lovely. The staff was wonderful and friendly. The food was delightful (salmon) . And the mint tea was delicious!!

    Our only (very mild) observation was that the music was sometimes too loud for conversation. Yes we understand that it was a music boat. But, maybe having an area with softer volume might be considered.

    Thank you very kindly. We already made the recommendation to other people to do your dinner tonight.

    Best wishes,

    Brad Axelrod

    Posted at 09:18

  • Borge | July 06, 2016

    Dear Sirs,

    Thanks for a fantastic evening on the Jazzboat! The level of quality was surpricingly high, both on the music and the food. We will recomend this to our friends visiting Prague.

    Best regard
    Borge Tennevoll

    Posted at 09:43

  • Rui Nunes Jr | July 05, 2016

    We really enjoyed the jazzboat; music was excelent, food and service were very good, ambient was cozy, public was happy; overal climate was most enjoyable, not forgetting to mention the views: breathtaking!!

    Posted at 15:19

  • Chris Berry | July 05, 2016

    Thanks for giving me a chance to review. My wife and I had a great time on the jazz boat. The Charlie Slavic Revue band was outstanding - great musicians and great music. It made the evening fly by. The food was nice, the service was good, and the ambiance was amazing. The only small complaint was the heat in the first floor dining area. It was a hot day and the inside never really cooled. Nothing some cold water and cold wine couldn't cute though!

    Posted at 15:18

  • Mónica Girón | July 05, 2016

    It's a beautiful experience. Highly recommend.
    Great views. Enough time to share.
    And very good food. Specially liked the salmon. Didn't like the chocolate cake.
    Good music.
    Thank you!

    Posted at 15:16

  • Lawrence Shaw | July 05, 2016

    Great trip, good food, good music, good service

    Posted at 15:16

  • Dana | July 05, 2016

    Jazz Boat is a must for those enjoying live music, smiley people, positive atmosphere and relaxed evening. For me as a jazz/blues lover this evening was like balsam for my soul. The food was delicious, service on top. We felt like home at some good old friend's house. The whole week in Prague was amazing, and jazz boat on the last evening was like perfect ending of this trip.

    Dana Grabuste

    Posted at 15:15

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