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  • - Alex T. | June 03, 2016

    My girlfriend and I are visiting Prague for the first time and we decided to reserve a space on the Jazz Boat, based on the good reviews we have read online. We were both very excited to have a chance to see the city from the water while enjoying a nice dinner with good music and good food. We had an amazing experience and would definitely recommend it anyone who is visiting Prague. As for the music, we were very impressed by the amazing talent that was displayed by the Jazz Trio. I ended up buying one of their albums and am looking forward to listening to it when I get home.
    - Alex T.

    Posted at 08:56

  • Huw & Vicki | June 03, 2016

    Absolutely the highspot of our week long first trip to Prague.

    Well organised. Effortless to book. The food and wine were excellent. Service was friendly and efficient. The 'trio' (actually a quartet) were clearly talented and the fact that they were so obviously enjoying themselves transferred to the audience.

    The fact that we had a table right by the band was an added bonus.

    We will most definitely be doing this again on our next trip to your beautiful city

    Huw & Vicki

    Posted at 08:55

  • Erkki K | June 03, 2016

    There are many boats cruising the Vlaltava River but this seemed be most popular. And Jazz Boat got good reviews on Tripadvisor.

    I booked early so got to select our table. Window table near but not too near the band. The band was perhaps not the Pori Jazz Festival material (all the big names in Jazz have been there) but they were good enough to be worth listening to.

    We had the three course salmon meal, which was a good choice, we like fish. Elsewhere I would think the service slow (took us about two hours for the meal) but here the timing was perfect. The pace was leisurly, we had time to listen to the band and to enjoy the beautiful view of the lit town.

    I did not like the potatoes au-gratin much but that's on me, they were well made, I just don’t like such creamy potatoes much. The salmon was good. And the spring rolls for starters excellent.

    The service was efficient and polite, the drinks reasonably priced.

    So very pleasant way to spend the evening in Prague. At least me and my wife enjoyed ourselves.

    The whole trip lasts about 2,5 hours which is about right. This is not a cruise to get drunk on. Have a decent meal and pleasant experience with live Jazz, you can't beat that!

    Erkki K

    Posted at 08:54

  • Estelle & Dave | June 03, 2016

    Absolutely amazing!!! Most memorable occasion from our visit to Prague! The jazz band were fantastic, the staff/waiters lovely and friendly and to top it off good food and wine! We would definitely book Jazz Boat again if we visited Prague. Thank you for a great evening!!

    Estelle & Dave

    Posted at 08:53

  • Ian Maguire | June 03, 2016

    We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The service was great and the food was very good. The entertainment was also great. The trip route was great. Couldn't really fault anything. Good saying" if it's not broke don't fix it" comes to mind.
    Many thanks for making our visit to Prague an enjoyable one.

    Regards Ian Maguire

    Posted at 08:52

  • Arron | June 03, 2016


    My experience on the Jazz boat on Tuesday 31st was fantastic. The food was lovely, the music was out of this world and my wife who's 40th birthday it was had a smile from ear to ear so I really could not complain.
    Thank you very much for making her birthday go well.



    Posted at 08:52

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