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  • Beverly | June 14, 2015

    Hi Mary

    We had a fabulous night on the Jazzboat during our stay in Prague, and considered it one of the highlight's of our trip.
    The food was of really high quality, and was served in a very efficient manner. The young lady waiting on the tables
    was extremely conscientious, and I even saw her checking the glasses were clean before taking them to the table's when
    serving drinks. Attention to detail like this is highly unusual in our opinion, and she was an asset to the business.

    The music was wonderful, and even though we were sitting on table 3 nearest to the band, they were not too loud.
    Despite the heavy rain while we were on board, this did not detract from the evening, and we both agreed we would
    not hesitate to book again when we return to Prague, and would recommend our experience to anyone.

    Kind regards
    Beverley Short

    Posted at 10:07

  • Lindsay | June 14, 2015

    My wife and I enjoyed our cruise on Friday 12th June 2015 with our three adult children. Lovely meas and between us we tried them all, friendly efficient staff and great jazz music.
    Lindsay. Brisbane , Australia

    Posted at 10:04

  • Lesley Jay and Sarah | June 11, 2015

    We would like to tell you how much we enjoyed our Jazz Boat experience. It was absolutely fabulous. The food was excellent, the music was out of this world, even the weather was perfect.
    We thoroughly enjoyed the whole unique experience and such good value for money. This trip made our visit unforgettable and very special.
    A big thank you from Lesley Jay and Sarah Best (Mother and daughter)

    Posted at 11:29

  • Mike | June 11, 2015

    We thoroughly enjoyed our JazzBoat experience. The welcoming cocktail, great accommodations, the wonderful jazz band, food and drinks, we're all top notch.
    We would definitely recommend this excursion to future jazz and music lovers alike.
    Mike Orta

    Posted at 11:28

  • Tom | June 11, 2015

    Dear Jazzboat team,

    We enjoyed every bit of the Jazzboat experience from the live music, the hospitality, and the good food.

    The Charlie Slavik Revue event was the highlight of our trip to Prague, and look forward to future trips.

    Thanks again!


    Posted at 11:27

  • Franz | June 11, 2015

    Dear Jazz Boat Team,

    thank you all for this special evening. We enjoyed it very much. Great organisation, good dinner, the music we like very much and a different view to the city. The next time we visit Prag again, we will book this tour again. May be the route of the boat will be enlarged a little bit upstream, that's the only thing I missed.

    Thank you very much again.

    Posted at 11:27

  • Keith & Wendy | June 11, 2015

    Wow, what a night to remember!
    We just loved the atmosphere on board, the meal was good, the music was great
    It was a privilegde to be entertained by Adéla Zejfartová and her Sunny Swing trio
    Thanks for organising an ideal night out for tourists! Keep it up!

    Keith and Wendy
    Adelaide South Australia

    Posted at 11:26

  • Jiri Gibian | June 11, 2015

    Ten večer byl velice příjemný a moje hosty z Argentiny a Švýcarska doslova nadchl.
    Kombinace - klidná plavba s výhledem na pražské památky -
    - velmi chutné menu s lahví výborného
    moravského červeného -
    - příjemný stylový zpěv a hudba,která neohlušovala -
    - i dobré počasí - /což ale organizátoři garantovat nemohou/
    to bylo to pravé, čím, nejen Praha, hosty přivedla k tomu,aby se za rok vrátili.
    Všem,kteří na tom mají zásluhu, moc děkujeme.

    Posted at 11:25

  • Elena Rivkin | June 01, 2015

    good evening!
    we enjoied the last concert !!!!!!
    it was my 3-rd concert at Jazzboat
    thanks a lot !!!!

    Posted at 14:46

  • Monika | June 01, 2015

    Plavba byl naprosto nepřekonatelný zážitek. Objednání lístků a jídla po netu jednoduché a srozumitelné. Jídlo i pití samá delikatesa. Milá, usměvavá, hbitá a profi obsluha. Swingový repertoár jako pohlazení po duši. Výborná nálada. Nedá se najít jediná chybička nebo námitka. Mně a mým přátelům pozvaným z Moravy se vše líbilo, dáváme tip dalším zájemcům. Vám moc děkujeme. Vše za 1*.

    Zdraví Monika Dočkalová, Praha

    Posted at 14:45

  • Anita | June 01, 2015

    Hello Jazzboat
    We really enjoyed our cruise with your company. The band was fabulous, our waiter was great, and the dinner was delicious

    We were also very happy that it was non-smoking

    Thank you for such a pleasant evening

    Posted at 14:44

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