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  • Bertrand | January 14, 2015

    Tres agreable croisiere musicale,.L'horchestre de jazz etait excellent, la ballade tres jolie et le repas correct


    Posted at 12:15

  • Riaan Visser | January 14, 2015

    We were a group of 8 people and had a very nice table with lovely views of Prague. The band was fantastic and the mood very festive. I will definitely recommend the trip.

    Posted at 12:15

  • Petr | January 14, 2015

    Dobrý den,
    plavbu jsme uskutečnili už po ňekolikáté a opět jsme byli velmi spokojeni.
    Atmosféra plavby osvětlenou noční Prahou, s nádherným výhledem na její scenerii,
    k tomu krásné tóny jazzu, dobré jídlo a příjemný personál to stojí opravdu za to.
    Určitě zase rádi přijdeme. S pozdravem a poděkováním Nagy

    Posted at 12:14

  • T | January 08, 2015

    Was a great evening. The food was lovely. Worth the money. Music was great

    Posted at 20:52

  • Aleks | January 08, 2015

    Hallo Mary,

    Our experience on the boat was Great!
    Really friendly service, good food and outstanding music.All was perfect excep one thing(waiting to enter boat lasted to long)



    Posted at 13:06

  • Jan a Jana | January 08, 2015

    Dobrý den,

    před 4 lety jsem svému příteli k narozeninám poprvé koupila vstupenky na Jazzboat, a to na Janu Koubkovou. Od té doby jsme Jazzboatu propadli a byli na něm již asi 14x! Vždy se nám tam líbilo. Je to nádherné spojení kvalitní české jazzové scény s okouzlujícími památkami Prahy, které jsou vidět z úplně jiného úhlu než znáte jako chodec po pražských ulicích a samozřejmě nelze opomenout výbornou gastronomii.
    Jen bychom byli rádi, kdyby tento krásný zážitek sdílelo více českých návštěvníků. Ve většině případů jsme na palubě takřka jediní zástupci českých návštěvníků mezi samými cizinci.
    Plavbu na Jazzboatu mohu jen doporučit! Je to ojediněný zážitek!

    Zdraví Vaši příznivci Jana a Jan

    Posted at 13:03

  • Marianna Parra | January 08, 2015

    I liked everything about the evening. The atmosphere was perfect, soft lights, good music and a great scene. I enjoyed the meal, too. The staff was helpful and friendly. A really great night! Thanks!

    Posted at 13:02

  • Clark | January 01, 2015

    Faaaaantastic evening, great band lovely food, bottle of local wine which was superb. Seeing the city lit up while cruising the river was magical, thank you jazz boat for great memories.

    Posted at 15:51

  • Jason and Drew | January 01, 2015

    Dear Jazz Boat team,

    Many thanks for your email. Please see the below review that will be going on trip advisor in the next few days. Thank you for the wonderful experience, we'll be back again!

    "My partner picked up a flyer for the Jazz Boat from Prague Castle while we were on a short break in the city and thought we'd give it a try! We had a look at the main website and were able to book a table with ease. We even had the choice of what seat (Definitely choose a window seat so you can view Prague by night)! My partner and I chose to eat on our evening out but you can just go for the music and the bar. The price includes a welcome drink, three course meal, of which there are four menu options (Pork, chicken, salmon and a veggie lasagne). I had the salmon which was absolutely delicious and my partner had the veggie lasagne - being a vegetarian he often has a limited choice in restaurants but this veggie lasagne was the best he has ever had! There was also a very full drinks menu, of which we sampled quite a few cocktails, all very good! ;) There are only a hand full of staff but all friendly, approachable and professional.
    The entire trip up and down the river took approx 2.5-3 hours which did not seem long enough. We noticed other boat trips powering up and down the river, some with music, a lot having food but none with a live band. The music was provided by Marcel Flemr Trio and was very enjoyable indeed - we even bought one of their CDs! My partner and I had never done anything like this before and it was fantastic, we cannot recommend enough and I guarantee when we're back in Prague again we will be revisiting the Jazz Boat."

    Best wishes and Merry Christmas,

    Jason and Drew

    Posted at 15:50

  • Nils | January 01, 2015

    We had such a good time! I got to talk to the guitarist during the break. He was really nice and the complete band was just great! Dinner looked and smelled fantastic, we didn't have any, though. Maybe next time. The view was not exactly spectacular, but since I was there for the music I was totally satisfied!

    Posted at 15:49

  • Svetlana | January 01, 2015


    We are absolutely in love with these guys. Thank you for all!!!!
    Will be back

    Best regards

    Posted at 15:49

  • Susan Chapman | January 01, 2015

    Our family of five thoroughly enjoyed our evening on the Jazz Boat. The band, food (we preordered the chicken menu), the service and seeing Prague from the river at night was great.

    I booked directly via the Jazz Boat website from Australia ages ago and was able to view the bands on YouTube before selecting my preferred day and I could select my preferred seat. That all went very smoothly.

    Posted at 15:48

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