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  • Mark | June 26, 2014

    My wife and I had a delightful time on our Jazzboat cruise. We had fairly low expectations, thinking that this would be just another low-value tourist experience, but the music and the food were both exceptionally good. We also enjoyed the company of the couple who shared our table. They started out as strangers, but before too long we were sharing a bottle of wine with them.

    Posted at 11:05

  • Peter | June 25, 2014

    Rozhodne sa oplatilo ísť na Trio Ondřeje Kabrnu. I mňa bez hudobného sluchu oslovilo nasadenie klavíru,jeho tempo, zmeny rytmu. Myslím, že sa synkopy prelievali ako vlny vo Vltave pod oknom lode. Občas zavírili nad splavom, občas kĺzali po tcichej krajine. Potom ušli kamsi do diaľky a vracali sa s naliehavosťou ozveny lodných píšťal.
    Latino zohrialo chladný večer nad vodou a v sekvenciách prechádzali popred nás okná pitoreskných domov na nábreží.
    Rýchla a profesionálna obsluha. Chválim.
    Výborný zážitok. Vzhľadom k cenám, vhodná ako príjemný darček blízkej ososbe.
    ing.Peter Galád

    Posted at 11:59

  • Cat & Woody | June 25, 2014

    Excellent all round night of music & fun. One of the highlights of our recent holiday in the amassing city of Prague. Easy online booking process, tasty food option menus, fab jazz music, great night views even though you don't go very far either up or down river. We highly recommend this evening. Thanks Stan & band for playing our requests. Cat & Woody, N.Z.

    Posted at 11:58

  • Hi Jazzboat Crew, Thank you for this great evening. We enjoyed all of the event, perfect organisation, nice boat, good meal an | June 25, 2014

    Hi Jazzboat Crew,

    Thank you for this great evening. We enjoyed all of the event, perfect organisation, nice boat, good meal and drinks, great view to whole Prag riverside, super jazz music, affortable price.

    Thanks Tillmann and Anita

    Posted at 11:46

  • Katrik | June 17, 2014


    We had a wonderful time on the Jazzboat. The music was just awesome and would not have been a success without it. The food was good and the portions were well sized. We are vegetarian and you catered for our request.

    Thank you very much.


    Kartik Shah
    London, UK

    Posted at 23:00

  • Júlia & István | June 16, 2014

    Dear Jazzboat team,

    We are a couple from Transylvania and we feel extremely lucky that we had caught the opportunity to spend a wonderful evening on your boat, on the 5th of June 2014.

    From the moment we stepped the board until the end of the cruise we were served on the most attentive and professional way. We had a little table near the window, from where we could see perfectly the floodlit Prague, and to hear the sophisticated music of the Stan The Man Blues Band, while we enjoyed the variety of tastes of our meal and a bottle of excellent rose wine.The ambient was discrete, elegant and very romantic, so we highly recommend it for everybody who would like to have fun in a stylish way. We heard there some great improvisations, slow blues melodies but also some rhythmic songs which charmed many people to the dance flour. The atmosphere was so great, that we regretted, we couldn`t stay longer. But that 2 hours 50 minutes stay worth the whole evening and we remember it as our most beautiful night in Prague.

    We wish you to continue your services just like this and keep your enthusiasm!

    Your sincerely,
    Júlia & István

    Posted at 10:44

  • Thoralf | June 16, 2014

    we enjoyed great views, very pleasant jazz and a surprisingly exquisite dinner on your rivercruise. thanks

    best regards
    Thoralf J. Klatt, Berlin

    Posted at 10:43

  • Ruitao | June 16, 2014

    Nice music, valuable food and fantastic boat experience. Maybe the only improvement is to use a more stable glass for the welcome drink. I saw at least two customers spilled the glass. Otherwise, an unforgettable experience.

    With best wishes

    Posted at 10:41

  • Nora a Michal | June 10, 2014

    Pekny den,

    sli jsme s manzelem na lod na vyroci a byli jsme moc spokojeni! S privitanim, obsluhou, jidlem a perfektni hudbou. Pokud nekdo vaha, uricte bychom do toho sli znova :) jinak jako vylepseni by bylo fajn mit lod, kde se jde jit na obou koncich kochat Prahou, nejen na zadi.
    Nora a Michal Jakobovi

    Posted at 13:17

  • Evgenii | June 06, 2014

    There was an amazing tour with the beautiful Jazz program. Especially I was pleasured to hear my favorite songs such as Georgia on my mind and Dream, a little dream if me. It was fantastic! Also I was enjoyed by well organized restaurant facilities.
    Great thanks!

    Evgenii Usachev

    Posted at 17:00

  • Helge | June 06, 2014

    The jazzconcert was impressive, very good!

    Posted at 16:56

  • Eddie | June 02, 2014

    Our party of 12 had a wondetful evening. Food was excellent, service was fantastic, and the jazz music was very good. Great value for what we paid for.

    Posted at 15:34

  • Jayne | June 02, 2014

    Hi there,

    We enjoyed our evening very much. The waitress staff were very cheerful and friendly. The jazz band were great and added to a great atmosphere on the boat. Taxi available when we left was also convenient.



    Posted at 15:32

  • Janice | June 02, 2014

    Had a blast on the Jazz Boat! THANK YOU! We will recommend it to any friends who may be going to Prague!

    Posted at 15:31

  • Nick | June 02, 2014


    My wife and I enjoyed the cruise very much and would certainly recommend it to anyone who likes jazz. The trio played a selection of good tunes very well and we were well looked after by the staff.

    It was nice to see the city from the river.

    Thanks again

    Nick Gould

    Posted at 15:31

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