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  • Adriane | March 31, 2013

    We so enjoyed our jazz boat evening. The musicians and singer were terrific, the choice of songs perfect-I sang along (very quietly!) to most of the songs. We are looking forward to listening to the CD we purchased once we arrive back home. It was a magical evening--a wonderful memory of our week in Prague. Adrienne Butler, Chicago, USA

    Posted at 12:02

  • Bill | March 29, 2013

    The cruise, the staff and the tremendous BAND made this an unforgettable night! I will always remember that wonderful group with the great singer!!! I can't recommend this cruise too highly.


    Posted at 12:47

  • Ingeborg | March 28, 2013

    Dear Lucie

    I am writing you to thank you for a fantastic evening at the jazzboat.
    I was together with my colleages from the Musicology Institute, University of Aarhus in Denmark, on an excursion to Prague last week and we were on the jazzboat last Thursday. The atmosphere and the music are something special and we had a lovely evening. I have been on the Jazzboat 5 years ago and it was very good. This time I came with very high expectations but I must say that I was not disappointed. Everybody agreed that it was amazing and it was one of the best things on our trip. I can assure you that whenever we come back to Prague, we will come back to the jazzboat. It is amazing to hear great music and to be an authentic place not just for tourists but for people who likes high quality music. (We got very tired of the other tourist traps "best of Mozart" "best of Swanlake" and such highlight concerts)

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards
    Ingeborg Lindhardt Toft
    Musicology student, DK

    Posted at 20:48

  • Leslie | March 26, 2013

    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the cruise. A good atmosphere, good food, attentive staff and fine Jazz. I will be back.

    Best Regards

    Posted at 08:50

  • Amanda & Daniel | March 26, 2013

    Excellent evening!
    Many thanks
    Amanda Harrison and Daniel Fraser

    Posted at 08:49

  • Eva | March 25, 2013

    Dobrý den,

    byli jsme velmi spokojeni s projížďkou na Jazzboat. Prostředí, hudba i jídlo bylo příjemné. V budoucnu projížďku rádi zopakujeme.

    Hezký den,
    Eva Nálevková

    Posted at 13:29

  • Adriana | March 18, 2013

    Plavba 15.03.2013 , hudobná skupina bola zmenená. Bolo to veľmi fajn! Príjemní Páni muzikanti, pohodička v piatok večer. Príjemná obsluha a jedlo bolo NESKUTOČNE dobré!
    Ďakujeme pekne za príjemný večer, ktorý si určite radi zopakujeme aj nabudúce! Kúpa vstupeniek cez internet rýchla a spoľahlivá. Držím palce pre ďalšie fungovanie! Sabová

    Posted at 16:15

  • Natalie | March 17, 2013

    We went on the jazzboat for a dinner cruise on Friday 8th March and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were surprised at how good the meal was and how extensive the wine list was. The atmosphere was great and the music was brilliant. Had a really great night. Thanks very much!

    Posted at 13:53

  • Karen & Terry | March 16, 2013


    just want to say Thank you for providing a great evening on your Jazz Boat it was our last night in Prague and couldn't think of a better way to spend it. The service. food and Music were excellent, would defiantly recomend to anyone.

    thank you once again

    Karen and Terry

    Posted at 16:58

  • Simone de Souza | March 16, 2013

    Esta foi uma das grandes atracoes durante a minha estadia em Praga!
    O excelente atendimento em conjunto com um jantarzinho delicioso e otima musica, tornaram a minha noite agradavel, divertida e inesquecivel.
    A melhor opcao para quem quer relaxar um pouco depois de um longo dia de exploracao a cidade e conhecer a beleza indescritivel de Praga durante a noite, com toda a sua iluminacao cativante...
    Eu recomendo! E espero poder voltar em breve!

    Posted at 15:03

  • Zdenka | March 11, 2013

    Dobrý den,
    jízda na Vaší lodi byla pro mne krásným zážitkem. Útulné, komorné prostředí, výborná kuchyně, sklenka dobrého vína, příjemný personál a to vše spojené s krásným výhledem na osvětlenou večerní Prahu a s kvalitní muzikou... Jazz Boat naprosto splnil má očekávání. Dokonce i můj přítel, který není moc vyznavač tohoto hudebního žánru a romantiky, musel uznat, že to byl obohacující zážitek. Tímto Vám za nás oba děkujeme a těšíme se na příště :)

    Posted at 13:14

  • Harriet | March 04, 2013

    Fantastic evening - thank you. Excellent band and
    wonderful atmosphere. Would thoroughly recommend to
    others. Same sentiments shared by my mother.


    Posted at 08:52

  • Maria & Michael | March 03, 2013

    Dear Lucie and Jacub,

    enclosed you find a report in our small newspaper in our little town. We have read it and so “let’s go to Prague”.
    The title means “holidays in the meantime”.
    Thank you for the enjoyable trip with your boat, thank you for the excellent service and last but not least: thanks a lot for the wonderful music.

    Maria und Michael from bavaria.

    Posted at 19:25

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