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  • Gerstadt | November 26, 2012

    Dear Mary ,
    we spent an evening at Jazzboat on 6th of November 2012 and had a beautiful time: Beside music, which was very good and entertained us very well, we got nice food, rather good wine and competent and friendly service. The four musicians oft the "Jazz Revue" impressed us and they really played a good Dixie-sound. We would recommend an evening on Jazzboat to everybody who likes this music.
    Best regards

    Posted at 09:07

  • Christopher | November 22, 2012

    Thank you for your e-mail inviting me to give you some feedback.

    Both myself and my two friends thoroughly enjoyed our evening on the Prague Jazzboat. We were warmly welcomed with a drink, the service was both friendly and professional and the food was of very good quality and enjoyable. Additionally, we also enjoyed the music from the quartet that was playing. I would also add that I found your booking process easy to use and the price charged for the cruise was very good value.

    Thank you for a very memorable evening on what was my first trip to Prague. I will ensure that if I visit Prague again, that I will once again book a river cruise on the Jazzboat – a very special experience indeed.


    Mr Christopher Heyes
    North Yorkshire, UK

    Posted at 09:22

  • Ramon | November 21, 2012

    Dear Mary:

    We were very comfortable in the evening Jazzboat family, enjoyed a good menu as we reveled in the spectacular voice Adela Zejfartova . The atmosphere on the boat is very nice, and the service is up to par.

    We hope you can enjoy on our next visit.

    A hug,

    Ramon samit.

    Posted at 23:59

  • Jeremy and Christel | November 20, 2012

    We had a wonderful evening. The food and service was fantastic. The music was excellent and the waitress was very attentive. We will definitely return to the jazz boat if we get back to Prague. The band was called the Marcel Flenr Trio and we went to see them two days later at a local Jazz club. I can't praise the jazz boat highly enough.

    Thanks and very best wishes from Jeremy and Christel

    Posted at 10:30

  • Virginie | November 19, 2012

    here is my feedback :

    - lovely dinner with Jazz Boat. We made our reservation online a couple of days before the evening. Everything went fine. We had the reservation on our mobile phones. The food was good, the band was amazing and really warm. We had a great time.



    Posted at 08:55

  • Silvio | November 16, 2012

    Everything was very good. Me and my wife enjoyed a lot the night.

    Silvio Possidente

    Posted at 12:45

  • Debra & David | November 15, 2012

    We loved our evening on the Jazzboat! The blues/jazz band that played the night we were there was truly excellent, the table service was great, and night views were lovely - especially when we braved going up onto the top deck in the cold. Food was also better than we expected for a tour boat, along with a good drinks menu. We had a great time - one of our most enjoyable evenings in Prague.

    Debra & David

    Posted at 13:33

  • Paul | November 14, 2012

    An evening in your jazzboat was very enjoyable. Although the quality of the food is not particularly “haute cuisine”, the ambiance, the staff but most of all the musicians were outstanding.
    Thank you for a pleasant evening.

    With kind Regards

    Paul Govaart

    Posted at 16:42

  • Tales | November 14, 2012

    Hello, Mary:

    It was a wonderful experience for us on you JazzBoat, we hope to return some day.

    Congratulations for your great service.

    Tales Lacerda - Brazil

    Posted at 10:36

  • Fabien | November 13, 2012

    Very good trip
    I let a message on tripadvisor today
    Good quality good group of jazz, we were very happy
    Don’t change nothing!!!!
    See you soon

    Posted at 23:32

  • Willa and Cliff | November 13, 2012

    My husband and I had a memorable evening on Jazzboat enjoying great music along with good drinks and tasty snacks. It was a wonderfully relaxing and a unique way to view Prague at night. We would certainly recommend it to anyone visiting this beautiful city.
    Willa and Cliff Suntjens
    Lake Cowichan, B.C. Canada

    Posted at 09:58

  • Thomas | November 12, 2012

    Hello, here is Thomas from Denmark. I had my 2nd visit to the Jazzboat this year on the 14th October and the same seat as in July. The jazz was played by Frantisek Uhlir Team. Yes, just amazing jazz (o; Service was very, very nice and the chicken dish was out of this world. Somebody will mayby not believe it, but I met another woman from Texas, USA, at my table, just like I did in July. I can only recommend to pay a visit to the Jazzboat everytime you're visiting Praha. 6 stars again. MAGIC.

    Posted at 10:42

  • Patty | November 09, 2012

    We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the Jazzboat and I sent a good review to TripAdvisor. The food was good, the service was excellent, and the view magnificent. The band was wonderful and we enjoyed them very much. My only criticism is that the band took long breaks between sets and the boat itself was very warm inside. We had to go outside several times just to get some air. Overall it was an exceptional evening and one of the highlights of our trip. We would definitely go again and highly recommend the Jassboat to everyone.

    Posted at 08:59

  • Kateřina | November 09, 2012

    Dobrý den,

    hudební produkce byla kvalitní a kouzelná, menu bylo nad očekávání kvalitní a odpovídalo cenové hladině.
    Skladba nabídky vinného lístku a cenová hladina je poplatna většinovému počtu mezinárodních hostů, což nám je sice líto (jako patriotům a znalcům českých vinařů), ale plně to chápeme.

    Celkově jsme však byli velmi spokojeni my i moji rodiče a děkujeme vám za příjemný večer u vás strávený.
    Budeme sledovat vaši nabídku a rádi vás příležitostně opět navštívíme.

    Příjemný den


    Posted at 08:54

  • Vannesa | November 07, 2012

    I chose to spend a nice evening with my boyfriend on the Jazzboat since we were in Prague for a weekend, didn't know anybody else in the city and having a dinner on a boat with Jazz music sounded great. And it was even better than expected!
    The food was excellent, the band as well. We were sitting at a table for 8 people, where everybody spoke English well, so we were able to have a lot of fun all together. Although it was cold outside, we went to the roof and enjoyed the beautiful view.

    Posted at 15:40

  • Paul | November 07, 2012

    We very much enjoyed our experience with the jazzboat. I was hoping more time would have been spent around the Charles Bridge but otherwise I thought it was a very worthwhile trip.


    Posted at 13:57

  • Jeanne | November 05, 2012

    I signed up for the Friday night jazz boat cruise for my husband and myself because I thought that a cruise on the river would be a lovely introduction to us to Prague. I scheduled it for our first night after a drive from Vienna and expected it to be an interesting and relatively easy adventure for our first evening in Prague. Mostly I was looking forward to seeing Prague at night from the river and didn't think too much about the music or the food but we both enjoy Dixieland, so that music choice seemed to work out well.

    What a wonderful surprise was in store for us. The music was absolutely outstanding and the enthusiasm of the musicians was contagious. We totally forgot about looking out the windows (which was ok because it was raining) and just enjoyed the music while the boat gently cruised the river. The food was excellent as well and the service was pleasant and timely. It was one of the most memorable evenings of our two week trip and an event that I have recommended to friends who are in the process of planning a trip to Prague. It truly was a purely fun evening.

    Posted at 18:02

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