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  • Joel | September 30, 2012

    Hello Mary,

    My wife and I enjoyed our evening on the Jazzboat very much. The musicians were very good, the meal was very tasty, and the trip up and down the river made for a great evening. It was certainly a highlight of our trip to Prague. We recommended it to other people we saw.

    Joel Greenspan

    Posted at 04:19

  • Donella | September 19, 2012

    We had a very nice evening – no complaints. The meal and the entertainment were excellent. The boat itself me satisfactory criteria.


    Posted at 20:58

  • Ieuan | September 17, 2012


    Just got back home, after Prague we went to Spain and Italy.

    We spent our 35th wedding anniversary on the Jazz Boat and it was brilliant. The cruise and the views were great. The food was fantastic and the music was excellent. (Is there anywhere we can get a CD of Marcel and his music?)

    The staff were friendly and the booking process couldn't have been simpler. All in all a great way to celebrate a milestone anniversary and an experience we will never forget.

    Thank you all.

    Posted at 09:45

  • Alison & Steven | September 16, 2012

    Hello, we Booked an evening on the jazz boat on Thursday 9th August and had a fantastic evening. The tickets were so reasonably priced we were not sure what to expect but everything ŵas fantastic. The booking online is very easy and the embarking process really smooth. the staff on board were very friendly and attentive and the meal was honestly one of the best we had while in Prague (we had the pork medallion set meal). The band were really great, the views of Prague at night were breathtaking especially Prague castle lit up, that view alone is worth the price of the ticket. The drinks on board were also really reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend the jazz boat - there were several other river boats we noticed but they all looked empty and of much poorer quality than the jazz boat.

    Alison and Steven tennant

    Posted at 18:56

  • Morten | September 14, 2012

    Thank You for a very good evening on the jazzboat,good food

    Morten Juel pedersen

    Posted at 11:06

  • Svetlana | September 14, 2012

    Dear Mary!
    We spent a memorable evening in Prague jazz boat. The evening was dedicated to the anniversary of our family and the atmosphere and the service was very pleasant. Thank you. And do not say goodbye.
    All the best, Svetlana Vaskov.

    Posted at 11:05

  • Rita and Eugenie | September 14, 2012

    In August, my sister-in-law and I went on the jazz boat. We had a wonderful evening of great jazz and a wonderful dinner cruise.
    Thank you very much!
    Rita and Eugenie

    Posted at 11:05

  • Kristel & Claudio | September 14, 2012

    Dear all,

    My wife and myself had a VERY nice and romantic evening on the jazzboat.
    First of all we were surprised about the simplicity with which the booking of the tickets could be done (via internet). It went very smoothly ; we did not have to print anything out ; we did not have to remember a code... When we arrived we simply had to give the hostess (very professional and friendly) our name and we immediately got our indications to our table.
    The jazzband was really fantastic! They were real good artists ! Next to this, we could sing all the songs along... They were very entertaining as well.
    The food was delicious, served warm and 'fresh'.
    The waiters were professional and very friendly.

    When we talk about our city trip to friends, we always mention the jazzboat and highly recommend them to spend an evening with you as well.

    Thank you for the unforgetable evening and experience. You're unique !

    Kind regards,
    Kristel and Claudio Laino

    Posted at 00:39

  • Richard | September 14, 2012

    Dovoluji si odpovědět v ČJ, přestože jsem tzv. "half British" :-).

    Byli jsme na koncertě s přítelem, já vzal s sebou 11tiletého syna on o rok starší dcerku, tj. byl to do jisté míry z naší strany experiment ohledně zájmu/nezájmu našich dětí. Zcela jistě si mohu dovolit říci, že nakonec se koncert a pobyt na lodi líbil určitě všem. Já jsem znal již p. Konráda z dřívějších let (z jazzových klubů), nezhoršil se, spíše naopak, jeho kapela je vynikající :-). Jídlo výborné, obsluha také velmi dobrá (ochotná). Samozřejmě určitou překážku pro brzké opakování akce představuje cena. Bohužel se jedná, jak jistě tušíte o ceny dosti vysoké. Já zase tuším, že cena zahrnuje kvalitní hudbu, kvalitní kuchyni a projížďku lodí, a že z toho důvodu musí být lístek na večerní akci o poznání dražší než běžný lístek do jazzového klubu. Přesto - kdyby bylo možné učinit v budoucnu po cenové stránce nějaký kompromis, očekával bych zvýšení návštěvnosti ze strany českých občanů.

    Každopádně děkujeme za hezký zážitek. Doufám, že si ho někdy zase zopakujeme.


    Posted at 00:36

  • Mike | September 14, 2012


    this was our fourth booking with you and as usual it was great the food was very good and the musicians were first rate and once again made for a very enjoyable evening


    Mike Whitcomb

    Posted at 00:35

  • Fabio | September 14, 2012


    Our experience with the Jazzboat was a very, very good one. Food was good, service too and the music was excelent! Stan the Man and his trio played an excelent selection of blues songs and made our trip simply unforgettable. We´ll keep in our memory the wonderful view of the sunset in Prague and the beautiful view of Charles Bridge brightening up the river to the sound of blues. Thanks for the trip and congratulations for the idea. I´ll surely recommend this to all my friends in Brazil.

    Best regards,

    Fabio Tadashi
    Sao Paulo - Brazil

    PS: It´s soooo sad that my other friends didn´t enjoy their boat ride as much as we did ours... same day, same river, but a world of difference...

    Posted at 00:34

  • Sally | September 14, 2012

    We had aver enjoyable night. The music,food and service were all great. We especially appreciated the trouble you went to for our friend who special dietary requirements.

    Will recommend you to anyone we know traveling to Prague

    Regards Robert and Sally Whiting

    Posted at 00:34

  • Anu | September 14, 2012

    Hi Mary,

    Overall it was a great experience with good Food and drinks...
    The only drawback was the length of the trip which become boring at the end when the ship is almost docked in between just to waste time...
    Wish it was 1/2 hour shorter...

    Thanks for checking in

    Best regards,

    Posted at 00:33

  • Joyce | September 14, 2012

    I really enjoyed the jazzboat cruize. The service was great, the food was terrific and the jazz was great!

    Joyce Klioze

    Posted at 00:33

  • Luca | September 13, 2012

    hi, i think that there's no better reply than the hundreds positive tripadvisor comments! :-)
    thank you,

    Posted at 15:04

  • Efujan | September 13, 2012

    The Jazzboat was fabulous and the dinner was great . We really enjoyed our time in Prague and my favorite part was the nice trip along the Charles River on the Jazzboat.

    Posted at 15:03

  • Mark | September 13, 2012

    Our Jazz boat experience met our expectations – for both the enjoyment of the evening itself and value for money. I will update Trip Advisor in due course to reflect these sentiments



    Posted at 14:19

  • Enrique | September 13, 2012

    Opciones para recorrer el Moldava en barco hay muchas y a todas horas. Pero el Jazz Boat es la opción de mayor éxito para navegar, cenar y escuchar música en vivo. Durante dos horas y media recorre el Gran Praga acompañado de una banda que cada día toca un estilo diferente de jazz cada día. A nosotros nos tocó standard & latin jazz, con una cantante checa que además festejaba la medalla de bronce de su hijo en las recientes olimpiadas de Londres. El precio es similar a una cena de cualquier restaurante promedio y consta de entrada, segundo y postre con opciones de cerdo, pollo y vegetariano. Las mejores (y únicos) edificios iluminados están en el centro histórico pero todo el paseo es memorable y es una muy buena opción para una romántica cena.

    Posted at 13:56

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