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  • Muge | May 25, 2012

    Dear Mary,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me opportunity to thank you and your entire team for the lovely evening we had on the JazzBoat!

    I had booked our evening on the JazzBoat via internet prior to our arrival to Prague and for the first evening. What we had was exactly what we were told on the internet except one wonderful surprise which is that the experience itself and the pleasure we took from it cannot be described by words…

    We sat on the table we booked, and listened to the exact same orchestra that was announced to be on the boat that night and was even better than the preview on the web! They have a great repertoire and the food&beverages are exceptionally delicious!

    We do thank you deeply that you did not make us feel as if we were on a tacky tourist tour for even a second! I am of'course not mentioning the magnificent river view as that is not your making ;)

    I do recommend the JazzBoat to all music lovers… I hope to be aboard again when back in Prague…

    Many thanks,
    Muge Cosgun

    Posted at 15:43

  • Gary | May 14, 2012

    We had a delightful experience on the Jazzboat, in spite of the chilly, rainy weather, and would heartily recommend it!

    Gary Gates

    Posted at 13:10

  • Françoise | May 14, 2012

    Nous avons passé une excellente soirée avec jazzboat avec un orchestre de jazz extraordinaire. Nous étions 9 et avons pu être regroupés sans qu’on ait eu à le demander, c’était génial. Le repas était très bon. C’est un très bon plan pour tous ceux qui vont à Prague.

    Posted at 11:26

  • Group from Norway | May 14, 2012

    We enjoyed this trip very well. Very very well. I think we had the best table in front of the boat.
    So we had a very good "sourround-sight-seeing"
    The menue was also very good and the music was also very nice.
    Especially the Norwegian people who mixed up this evening, singing with many people.
    That was a nice surprise. I think for you too.

    So we will tell all our friends here - if they want to go to Prague -
    to book a Jazz-Evening with your boat.

    Many thanks for this nice evening, hope we'll see us again.

    Axel, Rüdiger, Erhardt, Tony, Werner, Andreas, Peter and Joachim
    from Quakenbrück, Germany.

    Posted at 11:25

  • Ipek | May 12, 2012

    It was a nice boat trip. We enjoyed the music very much. The waitresses were professionnal and polite. The only weird thing was to wait on the riverside for 10 minutes for sailing to balance the water.
    But we say we have a great night

    Posted at 17:50

  • Debra | May 11, 2012

    Hello, we had a very enjoyable time on the Jazz boat, we are a couple from Perth Western Australia, the entertainment was fantastic and enjoyed the ride on the boat seeing Prague at night. Thank you Debra

    Posted at 09:13

  • Melinda | May 10, 2012

    Hello, We truly enjoyed the Jazzboat and would recommend it to our friends. The food was fine, not amazing but not terrible, the music was excellent. The bartender should probably practice making drinks that are not so sweet.

    I hope this helps!

    Melinda Reyer

    Posted at 20:23

  • Strat | May 10, 2012

    Hi Mary
    The 4 of us thought the trip was great as were the musicians. Would have been great if they had a drummer to fill out the quartet but I am biased as I play drums in a Jazz band and a rock band. The waiter worked very hard and was very friendly. Food was good and service excellent as were the sights along the river. We had been to bily konicek before and all thought the music and food was much better on your Jazzboat. Highly recommended!

    Posted at 17:55

  • Paulo & Achilea | May 10, 2012

    It was a very good night with the jazzboat with splendid music, a very good singer and a good food.
    Paulo e Achilea Bittencourt

    Posted at 17:52

  • Randye | May 10, 2012

    The music was topnotch. Really excellent quality. We went for the
    music and were not disappointed.

    The setting was lovely. I especially enjoyed the penguins.

    The desserts were adequate but again, we went for the music and the setting.

    Posted at 16:01

  • Kevin | May 10, 2012

    Our night was very relaxing & enjoyable. if we visit Prague again we would certainly book your cruise

    kind regards

    Kevin Welch

    Posted at 15:14

  • Izzet | May 10, 2012

    Dear Mary,

    Me and my wife, we had one of our most romantic dinner ever. I can tell you that everything was perfect and I will definitely do it again on my future visits to your beautiful city. I think you are doing some excellent work there and I thank you for giving us this great experience.
    Best Regards,
    Izzet Mizrahi

    Posted at 14:59

  • Alev | May 10, 2012

    Dear Mary ,

    Thank you for your e-mail. Actually I have checked your web-site yesterday if there is a section to share my comments with Jazzboat. Now it is the right time to share my feelings and feedback.

    Jazzboat was really the top activity I was looking forward to join, during my Prag trip. But unfortunately I got very sick on the day of Jazzboat, I had very bad headache with flu, by the way I am pregnant meaning it is forbidden to use any medicine Even so, me and my husband joined to trip cause I was really wishing to experience Jazzboat.

    I am deeply saddened that I could not enjoyed my evening, nor taste, see, listen 
    But what I would like to share with you is totally different and I am glad that I have the chance now.

    Once main dish is served to our table, I even could not taste it because of my migren-nausea. A couple of minutes later, a lady with yellow and very short hair came to our table and asked if there is anything wrong with the food. And I said no and told of my sickness. She really took strong interest with me and brought a blanket for my shoulders and also told that we will not be paying for the lazania. I thanked her but told that I had already paid for ticket + meal via internet. And then she said ‘’OK, we’ll take care of this some other way.’’

    During the trip I drank a bottle of water and my husband ordered 2 beers. At the end of the trip, same nice lady once again came to our table and told that it is hard to return the money to credit card but we will not pay for drinks. We really got surprised and pleased of that behaviour cause it is not Jazzboat’s fault that I could not eat my meal at all.

    It is not about the money and in my opinion, this is the real customer satisfaction. I have told of this to all my friends once I returned to İstanbul and all of them congratulated Jazzboat.

    Thank you so much for the service provided, I am appreciated greatly.
    Warm regards from Istanbul…

    Alev CEVIK

    Posted at 13:53

  • Adrian | May 10, 2012

    Dear Mary,

    We spent a pleasant evening on board: talented jazz band, quality staff, tasty food, good and diverse wines.
    Smooth and pleasant, thank you.

    PS your concern for feed backs confirms that you conduct a quality business in entertainment&Food&beverage (three sense, correct). Congratulations!

    Adrian Ciurtin, Esq

    Posted at 12:11

  • Heléne Halvardsson | May 09, 2012

    „A fantastic night on the Jazzboat on witches night. The weather (23 degrees celius at 11 pm), the food and especially the music was magical. We are coming back this fall! Thanx a million!“
    Heléne Halvardsson

    Posted at 09:02

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