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  • James | April 20, 2012

    To the jazz boat,
    My name is james clark, I'm a bass player from australia & my wife and I had a great night on the jazz boat on Friday March 30th,
    I really enjoyed the trio of piano, bass & drums & the vocalist wasn't too bad either.
    I'd recommend the evening to any of my jazz colleagues.

    Posted at 10:42

  • Jose Ramon | April 16, 2012

    It was a very prity experience, good travel, good dinner and good music. It was a romantic tour for us. thank's

    Posted at 12:36

  • Aileen | April 13, 2012

    Dear Mary,

    We greatly enjoyed our time on the Jazzboat. The service was professional and friendly and the band was great. I had a cocktail before dinner and it was one of the best Caipirinha's I've ever tasted! The dinner was tasty, we found the sauce with the chicken a litte too salty but overall the meal was very nice. We would certainly recommend Jazzboat to anyone visiting Prague. Many thanks.

    Kind regards

    Aileen Kerins

    Posted at 15:35

  • Lubomir | April 13, 2012

    Dobrý den,

    včera jsme s manželkou navštívili Jazzboat, moc se nám celá plavba líbila. Kapela ,,Trio Flemr" byla excelentní, všechen personál na lodi byl velmi přátelský, ochotný a jídlo velmi dobré. Již jsme navštívili velký kus světa a můžeme mnohé srovnávat. Mohu vám ale říci, že vaše loď a program je velmi dobrý, srovnatelný se zahraničím a určitě se na Jazzboat někdy zase vrátíme a doporučíme jej určitě i našim zahraničním přátelům.

    Ještě jednou děkujeme za velmi pěkný zážitek a to nejen hudební.

    Posted at 10:27

  • Jose Manuel | April 11, 2012

    we enjoyed the evening. The vessel is not a luxury boat, but is right. The meal is right too. Service is a rather slow. The music is fantastic. Perhaps the worst thing was 45 min. waiting for others ships to cross the gates. And the most important: the city under the moon is incredibly beautiful. I would recomend the event, without any doubt

    Posted at 09:56

  • Martin & Brenda | April 10, 2012

    We had a really good evening. The music was excellent and the food very good. We would recommend the Jazz Boat to others visiting Prague.

    Martin & Brenda Savage

    Posted at 15:28

  • Alen & Azra | April 10, 2012

    Once again, You have managed to enchant us with great service, great food and great music as well. This was our second time onboard JazzBoat and I promise you that there will be a third time as well next time we're in Prague.
    Thank you for a wonderful experience and keep up the good work!

    Alen & Azra

    Posted at 13:10

  • Stuart | April 09, 2012

    My wife and I booked at the last minute for Friday 6th April.
    The Jazz was excellent, the service was friendly and efficient and the food was as good as can be expected from a small kitchen.
    Overall we had a very pleasant evening and would certainly do it again if we re visit Prague.
    Stuart Abrahams

    Posted at 20:07

  • Bill | April 04, 2012


    Our family and friends had the pleasure of taking your Jazzboat dinner cruise on Tues March 20.

    We had a fantastic time! The dinner was very good, the service was outstanding and the Dixieland jazz band that played was awesome.

    I would highly recommend your cruise to anyone looking for a fun evening while enjoying the beautiful City of Prague.

    Bill Edwards

    Posted at 23:31

  • Anne | April 02, 2012

    We booked and payed our tickets via the internet. That meant that we har the possibility to choose the band we wanted to hear. We chose dixieland and we har a very nice time. The band enjoyed playing and the guest we clearly there to enjoy themselves, the atmosphere very very cheerfull and we hard a lovely view at Prague by night.
    Thank you!!!!
    Anne, Denmark

    Posted at 12:09

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