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  • Elena and Anton | March 30, 2012

    Good day . I'm very glad I chose the JAZZBOAT for the celebration of my Birthday. It was the most romantic Day of birth in my life. I think that a trip to Prague in general and walk on the boat in particular will take a worthy place in the box of my impressions. Great atmosphere, a wonderful jazz-band, amazing audience, good service do for me and my husband that day unforgettable. Very sorry that we have been able to visit the presentation of only one jazz-band, but this is just one more reason to return to this wonderful and romantic city of Prague, isn't it?
    Best regards,
    Elena and Anton.

    Posted at 23:32

  • Mike and Linda | March 30, 2012

    We booked in advance, tickets arrived at our hotel as promised.
    Our welcome on board was lovely and smooth. Your staff were lovely and courteous.
    The food was superb ( we had the salmon menu ), the wine was very nice and the company enjoyable.
    The trio that played along for us on the river were superb, the young ladies voice simply melting and the fact she hit her last note at exactly the point the boat docked back at the bridge was brilliant.
    Thankyou very much for a very memorable evening, one which we would happily enjoy again for certain when we come to prague again.

    Mike and Linda

    Posted at 08:33

  • Paddy | March 28, 2012

    We loved it. Good food, wonderful music and company and such beautiful scenery- thanks for a memorable evening.
    Paddy Richardson

    Posted at 23:21

  • Elizabeth | March 28, 2012

    We thoroughly enjoyed jazzboat, though we didn't have dinner on board, the main reason being that we don't like to eat late at night. (Though we did sample the apple strudel which was delicious.)
    Is the food prepared and cooked on board? If so then you should say so in your literature. It didn't so we also assumed that the food would be of a mediocre standard as we assumed that it would be brought on board ready cooked and then heated up (alas, this happens all too often in UK). If we'd known that it was prepared fresh on board then we may well have eaten, though as previously stated, we like to eat before 8pm!
    Overall it was a very enjoyable evening with good musicians and a lovely atmosphere.

    Thank you.

    Elizabeth Collins

    Posted at 18:24

  • Catherine | March 28, 2012

    No comment, everything was quite ok, music, food and drink and waiters’s kindness !!
    Thank you
    Catherine from France

    Posted at 15:48

  • Mario | March 28, 2012


    after our nice trip with the JazzBoat a few month ago, we decided to invite my parents to have a ride, too. My mom and dad really enjoyed the night on the boat.

    All the best,

    Posted at 15:46

  • Chloe | March 21, 2012

    Hi Mary,

    My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening on the Jazz Boat on Tuesday 13th March and would 100% recommend to anyone. The music was excellent, the scenery stunning and the food delicious.

    It was the highlight of my trip to Prague and I have been talking about it non-stop since my return to the UK!

    Thank you for a wonderful evening. I would definitely return if I am lucky enough to visit beautiful Prague again.

    Warm Regards,


    Posted at 13:31

  • Anne-Catherine | March 20, 2012

    We booked with our 2 children, a 12 year boy and 10 years girl for a jazz dinner. We spent a very nice evening, good music, nice ambiance and the dinner was also good. We had very nice time, parents as children Very good souvenir for a French family on vacation at Praha Anne-Catherine

    Posted at 17:44

  • Kerry | March 19, 2012


    My boyfriend and I had a wonderful evening on the Jazzboat last week, the food was excellent and the entertainment from Stan the Man helped ensure our last evening in Prague was perfect.

    We look forward to joining you again in future.

    Thank you


    Posted at 21:05

  • Jennie | March 19, 2012


    We went on the jazzboat saturday 17/3 and truly enjoyed it!!! The boat trip with the magnificent views of the city and the band that player was just great! We bought two CD's from Vesna which we are listening to a lot since we came home. The food and service was also very good. Thank you so much for a fantastic evening!!

    Posted at 11:11

  • Ilse | March 15, 2012

    Dear Lucy,

    We had the most wonderful night at the jazzboat last Friday!!
    Petra and her band are great performers and they warmly welcomed us. We sang 2 songs in close harmony, accompanied by her nice musicians.

    Thanks so much for this nice opportunity, it was a delight.
    We also enjoyed the great food, your hospitality and the breathtaking views of Prague.

    All the best from Amsterdam, Ilse

    Posted at 09:32

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