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  • Victor | January 31, 2012

    Hi Mary,

    Indeed, we had a great night on the boat. The band was great and the food too.

    I will definitely recomend it to people traveling to Prague.

    Thanks you,


    Posted at 08:45

  • Patricia | January 26, 2012

    Dear Mary,

    Thanks for your email.

    My family and I really enjoyed the trip. The service was excellent and the food was also very good.

    I have one suggestion from my experience. I do not know if you have a lot of clients who take the boat cruise with their kids, and I don't know either if this would cost you a lot of money, but my suggestion is that you would have one space for the kids to play (with some toys and maybe one person to supervise) while their parents can calmy enjoy the trip, the food and the music.

    That would have made a lot of difference in my trip, since my two-year-old daughter joined us and it was difficult to keep her calm by our side.

    Have a nice day.


    Posted at 16:39

  • Gas | January 22, 2012

    Hezký zážitek, dobré jídlo a skvělá obsluha. Vadila mi jen jedna věc - chtěl jsem se podívat na Žluté Lázně z pohledu Vltavy, ale až tam se nedojelo ;-)

    Posted at 13:40

  • Jane | January 18, 2012

    In response to your email I would like to tell you what a wonderful evening we spent on your Jazz Boat. I was ther with my three children and we loved every minute. Your singer was amazing. I shall definately recommend it to anyone I know visiting Praha.
    Jane Wright

    Posted at 15:35

  • Emidio Di Loreto | January 18, 2012

    It has been a nice evening, good music, enjoyable dinner, pleasant atmosphere.
    I recommnd the jazz cruise.......

    Posted at 09:04

  • Alfredo Bullard G y Cecilia Oneill | January 18, 2012

    La pasamos realmente bien. Un paseo espectacular, una comida muy buena y una música estupenda. Romántico y divertido. De lo mejor que hicimos en Praga.
    Alfredo Bullard G y Cecilia Oneill

    Posted at 09:03

  • Ludlows | January 18, 2012

    I just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our evening on your Jazz boat on Sunday 15th January. The ambiance, music and food were all fantastic. We had a great evening and would recommend it to anybody who was thinking of going on-board!

    The Ludlows

    Posted at 08:59

  • Cristina | January 17, 2012

    La experiencia en el barco el día 13 de enero fue maravillosa, nos sentamos en la mesa 3 y cenamos muy bien, la comida estaba rica y bien presentada, la música era agradable aunque no entendemos mucho de música jazz, el paseo en barco fue muy bonito y especial con unas vistas preciosas.
    Encontramos por Internet y por casualidad este paseo en barco por el río Moldava, después de haber visto otras ofertas que descartamos pues la comida era tipo buffet y no se podía escoger la mesa para dos, por lo que nos alegramos de encontrar este minicrucero. Fue una noche muy bonita y cálida en la que no se notaba el frío del exterior.
    Muchas gracias

    Posted at 18:42

  • Dawn | January 17, 2012

    Dear Mary,

    In December 2011 I spent my birthday aboard the Jazz Boat in Prague, and I had one of the best evenings of my trip. My daughter and I booked a cruise and a 3 course meal on a Sunday evening, when the amazing Rajnosek B.and were playing - such fantastic musicians! I was delighted to perform a song with them ( but even without that extra special pleasure, we both had a brilliant evening. The views from the boat during the 2 hours+ cruise were wonderful, the staff were friendly and helpful, and the food was good value for money. We added a bottle of Bohemian sparkling wine, which was delicious, and happily left a very generous tip for our waiter as a thank you for our brilliant evening. I hope we get the chance to return, and we are recommending the Jazz Boat to all our friends here in the U.K. :)

    Best wishes, Dawn

    Posted at 16:29

  • Susanne | January 17, 2012

    We enjoy very much the evening on the Jazzboat. It was the second time (june 2011 and december 2011), and next time we go to Prague, i'll reserve another time and choose the table and the orchestra. It's very easy to reserve.
    Thank you so much
    Susanne Boutier

    Posted at 16:25

  • Laure | January 16, 2012

    Dear Mary,

    We enjoyed very much the jazz boat trip, and the music, but the meal was really poor, and not typical of Praga.
    If we do it again, we will, but without the dinner.


    Laure DOUX

    Posted at 20:33

  • Steve | January 16, 2012


    Thank you for the wonderful evening onboard the jazzboat. My wife and I had a great time getting to sea Prague by sea, while enjoying great music and good food. We enjoyed meeting the others at our table and would recommend the jazzboat to anyone passing through Prague.

    Steve Orbann

    Posted at 15:48

  • Friederike | January 16, 2012

    Dear Mary,

    me and my boyfriend were guests on the Jazzboat on January 3rd.
    We had a lot of fun, the band (Jazz Revue) was really gorgeous and we liked them very much. Service was excellent and so was the food (vegetarian menu).

    No complaints, next time, when we are in Prague, we will definitely book another tour again!

    Kind regards from Germany
    Friederike Sieboldt

    Posted at 15:47

  • Lindsay | January 16, 2012

    Hi Mary!

    My friend and I went on the Jazz Boat on Christmas evening and it was spectacular!!! We wanted to do something special for Christmas since we were travelling and away from home and this could not have been a more perfect idea! Everything from the service to the band was excellent. Very cozy and special night...we LOVED the band that night too!! Thank you and keep up the good work!!

    All the best,


    Posted at 15:46

  • Larissa and Pavel | January 16, 2012

    Dear Mary!

    We was very glad with our trip on Boat!
    It was the best nigt in Prague. Thank you a lot. we will recoomend you Boat for our friends.

    Best regardes.

    Larissa and Pavel

    Posted at 12:34

  • Gilles and Nathalie | January 16, 2012

    Good morning,

    To cruise on the jazz boat for our first evening was a great moment for us in Prague !
    The cruise was long, and we appreciate to see the Karluv Most several times ; to discover the city from the river is also very original, with a slow speed that allows contemplation. The music was very good, and the artists had a friendly, simple and direct relationship with the public : it's nice to hear about the pieces played.
    Really wonderful !
    Thank you very much, we will always remember this evening !

    Gilles and Nathalie
    from France

    Posted at 12:29

  • Kevin Fuller | January 16, 2012

    We had booked Jazzboat 3rd Jan 2012 which had Dixieland Jazz band.
    The overall package (the boat, service, band, food) was excellent. It was a surprise for my partner and she had said it was perfect end to the day to have a relaxing meal and watch Prague by night after spending the day exploring your lovely city.
    I booked Jazzboat because you gave table service and we could book a table just for the two us (I think you are the only ones to do this) as we did not want a buffet style meal and to share a table which seem to be the more popular service offered by other people.
    Again we thank you for a perfect evening and will certainly repeat it on our next visit hopefully later in the year.

    Mr Kevin Fuller

    Posted at 10:43

  • Paul | January 09, 2012

    Hi Mary

    My comments are:

    1. Very enjoyable and well run evening
    2. Good value for the trip, dinner and jazz
    3. Welcome drink could have been something more exciting like sparkling wine (the evening we travelled it was hot mulled red wine)
    4. The band were very good, but I would have enjoyed it even more if there had been a keyboard present (I play amateur jazz piano)

    Hope this helps



    Posted at 20:53

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