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  • Eva | May 31, 2011

    Dear Lucie
    Thank you for a really nice evening on Saturday, we had a terrific time,
    good food, nice staff, and the jazz was really good! just a little too high volume
    the people who sat next to the band couldn´t hear themselves talking,
    so next time I will ask you to put us all up front, I sat there and it was better.

    Have a really nice summer!

    Posted at 11:51

  • Jackie Bullen | May 26, 2011

    My friend and I booked to go on the Jazz Boat on May 12th after reading such good comments online - and were not disappointed.

    The band was terrific, the atmosphere good and the staff were amazing; but we both wondered how on earth they managed to hear anything over the music!!

    It was an unforgettable evening in an unforgettable city and when we visit Prague again we will certainly spend another evening on the Jazz Boat. Maybe next time the rain will stay away!!

    Jackie Bullen

    Posted at 18:55

  • Charlie Betteridge | May 25, 2011

    Just a quick note to thank you for everything last week. Good food, great service and a very nice atmosphere. It was also very much appreciated that we could stay on board until midnight.

    Posted at 13:27

  • Rochelle | May 24, 2011

    My partner and I visited the Jazzboat on a recent trip to Prague. We got the recommendation from Trip Advisor and made the booking on your website. I have to say I found the website extremely user friendly and the fact there was a floor plan to show the layout of the tables made our choice much easier. When we arrived on the boat we were really pleased with our choice of table ( we shared with 2 other couples). This made the experience even more pleasurable as we all got on really well and meeting people from different countries is always very rewarding. The staff on the boat were very friendly, the service was good and the food most enjoyable ( and because we booked online we got a discounted price on the ticket with food). The music was excellent and wasn’t too intrusive so it allowed us to talk to each other at the table but we could still listen and enjoy it. That particular evening there was a thunder storm whilst we were aboard which made for a quite a spectacular view from the upstairs viewing deck.

    To summarise, I can’t express how much we both enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to any of our friends who are planning a visit to Prague.

    Keep up the good work as it’s obviously a popular attraction ( going by the fact it looked fully booked when we attended) and I hope your business continues to prosper long into the future.

    Best wishes


    Posted at 09:02

  • Jan | May 17, 2011

    Vážená paní,
    děkuji Vám za zájem o zpětnou vazbu. Tentokrát jsem zajistil lístky pro rodiče mého německého kolegy, kteří v Praze slavili 70. narozeniny. Byli velmi spokojeni, jen podotkli, že "hudba byla přeci jen trochu hlasitější", což vzhledem k jejich věku není asi zcela překvapivé. Já sám jsem byl na Jazzboat dvakrát a vždy extrémně spokojen a proto jsem pro ně tento zážitek vybral.

    Držím palce

    Jan Valenta

    Posted at 09:05

  • Stanislava | May 17, 2011

    Dobrý den,
    koupila jsem pro své příbuzné lístky na váš JAZZBOAT na úterý 10/05/11 (EVA EMINGEROVÁ QUARTET). Ocenili kvalitní hudbu, skvělý servis a coby cizinci příjemný výhled na Prahu po dobu celé plavby. Mužská část by přivítala větší porci podávané večeře…, kvalitu jídla ovšem velmi chválili. Celkově byli spokojeni a myslím, že při další návštěvě Prahy k vám opět zavítají.
    S přáním hezkého dne,
    Stanislava Ouská

    Posted at 09:03

  • Med Venlig Hilsen | May 16, 2011


    Had a trip on the Jazz boa ton 10.05.2011. It was very very good.

    Med Venlig Hilsen

    Posted at 11:54

  • Michaela | May 13, 2011

    Dobrý den,

    chci Vám moc poděkovat za včerejší skvělou plavbu u vás na Jazzboatu.
    Večer jsme si báječně užili, loď je moc pěkná, příjemný interier, skvělý výběr hudebníků, úžasný jídlo a hlavně bych ráda zdůraznila milý, ochotný a vstřícný personál.
    Kdyby všechny služby u nás v Čechách vypadaly tak, jak u vás na lodi, pak by to tu všechno fungovalo tak, jak má :-)
    Byla jsem maximálně spokojena a jednoznačně podpořím prodej plavby našim klientům a obchodním partnerům!

    Ještě jednou díky moc a přeju ať se Vám daří!
    Hezký den a zdravím z Crowne Plaza Prague,

    Posted at 13:15

  • Georgette et Gérard Anglard | May 12, 2011

    Bonjour, Mary Tomajkova
    Notre croisiére était trés agréable.
    Nous avons apprécié le concert de jazz le jeu des trois musiciens et la voix de la chanteuse Petra Emyei sympathique,naturelle,trés sensible et toujours souriante. Le dinér était bon,délicat,peut ètre un peu simple surtout l'entrée et le déssert.
    Merci à vous tous.
    Georgette et Gérard Anglard

    Posted at 12:00

  • Martin | May 10, 2011


    The jazz boat gave us the best evening in our two week stay in Prague.

    It was great music and super food. Monet well spent.

    Many thanks


    Posted at 17:44

  • James | May 10, 2011

    The experience was very good, maybe benefit from square tables for couples, this would keep the experience more private while dining.
    James Ley

    Posted at 09:39

  • Agnès and André | May 09, 2011

    We had a very pleasant trip on your boat, the music was excellent and the others customers at the same table very pleasant!! A very nice trip en Pragues that we woul advise to all vistors of this nice and welcomed town !

    Best regards
    Agnès and André TRIVIDIC

    Posted at 12:36

  • Satu Ryhänen-Lilley | May 06, 2011


    The Jazzboat was a very nice experience.

    Booking beforehand in the internet was not the easiest thing to do because we did not expect to be asked internet bank codes when paying with visa card. After this issue was solved, the booking was easy and quick.

    The dinner - fish menu - was delicious. The jazz sounded good and it was also nice to sit at a big table; it was entertaining to interact with other visitors on the boat. It was also good to have a convenient smoking place. The toilets were neat.

    The cruise on the river offered good view to the town. A little disappointing was going through the river gates, because it took such a long time and there was not that much to see while waiting the water level go up or down.

    The staff was friendly and very good English speakers. Big plus points for this. What could be further developed, is that one table could be served at the same time as much as possible. In our case, our table got served so very different times that some of us had already eaten when some others got their plates and they had eaten when the rest of the table got their dishes. Also some portions were served to wrong people (this is only a minor detail).

    Overall experience was very good and the price was very compatible. I enjoyed this a lot and will recommend this Jazzboat to my friends also.

    Best regards,
    Satu Ryhänen-Lilley,

    Posted at 12:23

  • Teona | May 05, 2011

    For a couple, its a nice romantic experience. Music was nice, eventhiugh we only got to listen to it from speakers, since we were above. Would have prefered to be where live music was, because above 2,5 hours seems a lot. My friends got a bit bored, when they went alone separately, 2 people.
    Food was good too.
    Views are nice and the ride. The only probñem is 2 stops, when waiting for water to rise and then go down. Those stops are a bit boring..

    Overall i loved the experience and i will recommemd it to group of friends or ciuples
    Thanks you

    Posted at 11:35

  • Christoph Salm | May 04, 2011


    It was a wunderful evening.


    Christoph Salm

    Posted at 08:24

  • Elvio | May 04, 2011

    Hi Mary,
    yes, was really an enjoyable one.
    As a small suggestion, to better specify that the drinks are not included in the dinner menu.
    Anyway, was a good user experience!

    Best regards

    Posted at 08:24

  • Kuranov Mikhail | May 04, 2011

    Hello Mary,
    Jazzboat was wonderfull adventure for me. Im not jazz fan, but i was listen Nica Diamand before and i was like to see and listen her again, in life. When i will be again in Prague, I`ll take jazzboat one more.

    Thank you wery much for a great time!

    Kuranov Mikhail

    Posted at 08:23

  • John | May 03, 2011

    We had a very wonderful evening. We shared our table with a young couple from Brazil, and ended up going out with them afterwards. The music was great, and the views. For all we all we got, we thought the pricing was reasonable. We've told a number of people about how pleased we were with our experience.
    Thank you!

    Posted at 09:40

  • Eira | May 03, 2011

    Dear Mary!

    It is just easy to value that cruise of last Friday; The feeling on the boat was nice, merry, but not too much. Dining and wining OK, every one of the waiting service staff sounded to speak many languages. My company, two ladies from Finnland, agreeded me in these opiniones, not less about the band: It was great and the singer Jan Smigmator just took the breath away!

    So, see you next time!
    Eira Kervinen

    Posted at 09:39

  • Michael | May 02, 2011

    We had a fantastic evening on the jazz boat. It was a real highlight of our holiday. The jazz band (Jocose Jazz) were outstanding, particularly Elena Suchankova. The staff on the boat were friendly and helpful at all times and the food was delicious.
    Thank you
    Hayley and Michael O'Donnell

    Posted at 16:53

  • Alexandra | May 02, 2011

    This trip was very impressive - in really that meaning!
    One of the nights that one never forgets..
    First of all, Prague itself. The most charming landscapes at the sunset time...
    Ondrej Konrad and his group. are musicians of the highest level.
    And beer that comes into integration with all these things - and adds its unique taste.
    at the end I'd like to thank the crew.
    We forgot something near our table, called and the next morning this thing was given back.
    I recommend this trip to all my friends and relatives, whwn I' m tellimg them about Prague.
    Good luck!

    Posted at 13:10

  • Jason Castro | May 02, 2011

    Amazing experience. Thanks!!!!

    Posted at 13:08

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