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  • Nicole | November 17, 2010

    Dear Mary,

    Both myself and my boyfriend had a lovely evening on the jazz boat last Tuesday. It was very romantic (candle lit, cosy tables), the food was good and the jazz trio provided good entertainment. I had booked the jazz boat for the Monday evening but we got so lost on the journey there we ended up missing it! Fortunately I called the next day and a helpful lady said it would be fine for us to come on Tuesday and that she had an even better table available for us than the one I had booked, which was perfect! Altogether it was a really nice evening and we really liked the complimentary drink we received once on board (was this grog?). The only bad comment I could make about the evening is that it perhaps went on for too long as we finished our three course meal and bottle of wine after the first hour and half and there was still an hour left on the boat. So I think 2 hours would be the perfect time on the boat instead of 2 and a half. Other than that it was a really enjoyable evening and we would probably do it again if we return to Prague!

    Kind Regards,

    Nicole Fernandes

    Posted at 14:23

  • Cathy | November 15, 2010

    Hi Mary,

    I can honestly say the Jazz boat was a truly great experience. It was the most enjoyable evening of the entire trip and I have already been singing its praises to my friends and family and have recommended it to anybody visiting Prague.

    The service was outstanding, we were never left with an empty glass while still not feeling overcrowded by the staff. The food was absolutely gorgeous and the band were great. I could not fault one thing about the evening.

    I would like to extend my thanks to all the staff involved for a magnificent evening.

    If I could also just make a suggestion though... One thing I noticed about Prague (which I'm sure many other tourists have) is that the taxi drivers are not always to be trusted. If you know of a reputable taxi firm, I think it would be a great idea to ask the guests if they would like a taxi to be at the docks waiting for them. This would be a great little 'added extra' and would ensure people don't get ripped off. We walked for about 10mins in the rain looking for a taxi, and I just think if it was possible, it would be nice to step off the boat and have a car waiting and not be afraid of paying over the odds.

    But again, that is just a suggestion, and as I've said - the night was faultless.

    Kind regards,

    Cathy Drummond

    Posted at 16:05

  • Irena a Radim | November 15, 2010

    Milí pořadatelé akcí na jazzové lodi,
    děkujeme za Vaši práci, neboť koncert i vyjížďka po Vltavě, byly pro nás velmi milým zážitkem.
    Určitě budeme Vaši nabídku, dále doporučovat a doufáme, že budeme moci ještě v budoucnu opětovně využít Vašich služeb.

    Irena a Radim

    Posted at 10:20

  • François RAGOT | November 15, 2010

    Nous avons été heureux de la soirée du 12 novembre sur le Jazz boat.
    L'accueil a été très agréable, le groupe de musiciens était excellent, avec un répertoire à la hauteur de nos attentes.
    Nous avons particulièrement apprécié que les musiciens et les serveurs acceptent de faire un geste à l'intention d'un de nos amis qui fêtait son anniversaire.
    Il a été très sensible.
    Nous pouvons recommander chaleureusement votre adresse à tous ceux qui souhaitent une soirée festive de qualité.
    Merci encore à tous

    We have been very happy by the jazz boat on last friday (12/11/2010)
    The welcoming was very friendly, the musicians were very good, with a high quality music, as we expected.
    We have appreciate particulary that musicians and services accept spontaneously to do a special dedicace to our friend for his birthday.
    We can recommand your adress to the tourists who want to have a nice and originnal moment with friends.
    Thank you to everybody.

    François RAGOT

    Posted at 08:45

  • Celia and Andrew | November 15, 2010

    Hello Mary,

    Thank you so much - we had a fantastic evening aboard the jazz boat (11th November). On a cold night the boat was warm and comfortable - clearly loved by its owners. We enjoyed a leisurely meal as we viewed your beautiful city from the water. We chose the jazz boat of course for the jazz and we were not disappointed - the trio was excellent. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, jazz fan or not!

    Best wishes

    Celia and Andrew

    Posted at 08:43

  • Lee | November 09, 2010

    Hi Mary,

    Jazz boat exceeded my expectations and more. Entertainment was great but the food for me was the biggest surprise. It was excellent and all in all we ate and dined superbly. A fabulous night, in a wonderful relaxed environment. Thanks to everyone on board and involved in running the show.

    Best Regards,

    Posted at 23:41

  • Gary and Rachel | November 09, 2010

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We also brought along two friends and they both enjoyed it as well. The food was excellent as well as the music. The server was extremely attentive and we wanted for nothing. It was very comfortable and the ability to move around to take pictures of the city was an added bonus. It was November and a little cool, but none the less the experience was great. Thank you.

    Gary and Rachel Lyon
    Dallas, TX, USA

    Posted at 23:40

  • Ani & Andreas | November 09, 2010

    Dear Jazzboat,
    Thank you very much for your tour last Friday. My wife and I had a wonderful time during your cruise. It was truly a magic way to experience Prague. The band was very good and the waiters gave a great service. We will for sure recommend the Jazzboat to anyone who visits Prague.

    Best Regards,
    Ani & Andreas

    Posted at 23:38

  • Manyee Lau | November 07, 2010

    This trip would not have been the same without the Jazz boat!

    It was really amazing! The atmosphere was great and the music was very good. The three course is recommendable to everyone.

    We have spent a lovely time on the boat. Next time we visit Prague again we will certainly take the Jazz Boat again.

    Cheers to the band on Friday 5 November, the crew and the cook!

    Posted at 21:54

  • Sonya | November 07, 2010

    My boyfriend and I had a lovely time on the Jazzboat! The price was very reasonable and we had our first choice of table seats. The band was a 4 person band with a guy on sax, a guy on keys, a guy on bass, and a guy on drums, and they were amazing, I don't remember their name though! Thanks for a great night :)

    Sonya Zhong

    Posted at 13:04

  • Lore Vandamme | November 06, 2010

    Music (2/11/10) was great
    Service very good, very nice people
    Great vieuw

    Too cold while eating (heat was off, turned back on after two hours)
    Cold plates ( so the food was quickly cold)

    But we will recommand the jazzboat to friends, we had a great time!

    Lore Vandamme

    Posted at 15:54

  • Kay | November 03, 2010

    My husband and I very much enjoyed our time on the Jazz Boat. The music was great, the food was very nice and we enjoyed the time. It was easy to find, prompt, etc. The views were lovely. The only negative (and it isn't anything major, nor is it something that you could change) is that we had reserved 2 seats at a table for 4 thinking that it would be fun to converse/interact with another couple. The couple at our table spoke only Russian, didn't order dinner and weren't very friendly. We ignored them and had a fun time regardless.

    Thank you so much!

    Posted at 17:17

  • Bob Prime | November 02, 2010

    We were a group of 5 and we had a very enjoyable night.
    The band were very entertaining and the food was of good quality
    Bob Prime

    Posted at 12:46

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