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  • Dianne | August 31, 2010

    Jazz Boat on Sun 29 August 2010 - Sax Night.
    Amazing...The band were fabulous - the Saxaphone player was just inspirational.
    The food..........tremendous. Much better than some 5 star hotels and expensive restaurants. (FYI we chose the Pork Menu and the Chicken Menu)
    Highly recommended to everyone - and the highlight of my trip (even the husband loved it and he's not a Jazz fan!)

    Posted at 20:16

  • Paul | August 29, 2010

    Hi jazzboat,
    A quick note to say the Rossington family from England enjoyed the Jazzboat. Staff were very friendly, food, music and overall atmosphere great.
    Will recommend to others.
    Best Regards
    Paul Rossington

    Posted at 17:27

  • Dave | August 29, 2010

    My wife and I were on the Jazzboat on Friday, August 27th. It was a nice finish to our 2 week holiday. The service was very attentive and the band was great. There was a decent selection of food and wine and the quality was better than most boat cruises of this type.

    A couple of suggestions:

    1. The lights were too bright in the lower cabin. It was difficult to see out the windows with the reflections.
    2. The bank was slightly too loud. Maybe this was because we were sitting directly across from them.

    Thanks – we had a great time.

    Dave Kratzke

    Posted at 17:26

  • M.Ž. | August 24, 2010

    Dobrý den,

    byl to skvělý zážitek. Všechno bylo dobré. Ocenil jsem, jak se podařilo v lodi udělta tak kvalirní zvuk.

    Posted at 12:06

  • Felicia | August 24, 2010

    Dear Mary,

    I brought a bunch of colleagues - I think there were around 25 of us on the boat that night, 6th August.
    The general feedback was that they find the atmosphere and the boat ride pleasant :) Just one comment for your improvement though, we were on the first deck and it was too warm and stuffy. We went up for some fresh air but upstairs there were people smoking. Perhaps it will be nice to have a bit of ventilation on the first deck as well?

    Thanks very much for your hospitality again.


    Posted at 00:01

  • Silke | August 23, 2010

    Dear Jazzboat,

    I was on your boat at the 13th of August and it was really great.
    1. The organization was perfect, especially your sms with the notice about the new departure location.
    2. The band and their music were very nice and they made a very good atmosphere.
    3. Dinner was also very good!!

    So all together it was a wonderful trip on the Moldau and I told many friends of me about it.

    All the best for you!

    Best wishes

    Posted at 14:15

  • Monika & Ricardo | August 04, 2010

    Vazeny Jazzboat tyme,
    moc se nam projizdka Vasi lodi libila a obzvlast Petr Kroutil Quartet, ktery hral a bavil uzasne.
    Zijeme s manzelem v Santiagu de Chile a pri nasi pristi navsteve me rodne zeme urcite opet radi zavitame na Vasi lod.
    S pozdravem,
    Monika Dvorakova a
    Ricardo Rozas

    Posted at 11:50

  • Sarma | August 02, 2010

    Thanks for asking me for a comment! I appreciate your wish to improve. There´s not much but just one thing which concerns the food should be considered. We had to wait for our main dish for ages! In the end it was too hurried with the dessert, too. May be it´s not even necessary to offer a dinner if the kitchen doesn´t manage - offer just drinks or some snacks and it´ll be fine.

    Now to the good sides:
    The waiter was perfect!
    The music - why we chose your boat - was perfect!
    Ambiente was perfect!
    I will recommend it to others definitely, just with a hint not to come hungry to the trip!

    And may be you could offer some more attractive welcome drink!?

    Thank you for a nice evening!

    Best regards
    Sarma Gintere

    Posted at 17:35

  • Niels van der Haven | August 02, 2010

    Dear Mary,
    I really enjoyed the evening trip on the Jazzboat, and will recommend it to anyone travelling to Prague. I’m already a fan of the Jazzboat on Facebook. Your crew is the nicest I came across in Prague, I was relieved to actually see a waiter smile and pay attention to his customers, something that seems to be very rare down town...
    I also enjoyed the performance by Veronika Diamant, which brings me to a question for you... I had a short conversation with Veronika after the boat trip, and would like to get in touch. I am currently writing my master’s thesis about the music industry, and I’m trying to interview a number of artists from abroad. Could you maybe send me a personal e-mail address of Veronika? I have two different addresses, from her CD and website, but these seem to lead to bookers and managers.
    Thanks in advance and thanks for a lovely evening in Prague, it was the perfect end to my holiday.
    Best regards,
    Niels van der Haven

    Posted at 15:20

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