Sat December 15

Kristina Bárta Trio

original compositions and arranged jazz standards
Double bass

Kristina Barta is a Czech composer and pianist. She studied jazz piano in bachelor's and master's program at the Academy of Music in Prague under the leadership of professors Karel Ruzicka, Vit Kristan, Jaromir Honzak, David Doruzka, Jiri Slavik and Lubos Soukup.

Kristina Barta also studied classical music (oboe, piano, flute and drums) at the Gymnasium of Jan Neruda and at the Prague's Conservatories. 


She participated in national and international competitions:

In 2015, Kristina Barta founded her own trio with Jan Feco on bass and Marek Urbanek on drums. The trio recorded the first demo tape and won the competition Jazz Prix 2015. The international jury composed by R. Dombrowski (German music journalist), G. Schroder (The US Attorney Kurland Agency ) and Rudy Linka (Czech jazz guitarist) took her distinctive and fresh approach to the arrangement, and to her own compositions. The trio has performed at the Bohemia Jazz Fest in Prachatice and Pilsen before the band Yellowjackets.