Boarding time: 8 pm
Departure: 8.30 pm
Arrival: 11 PM
Duration: 2,5 hours

Jazzboat FAQ  

  • Cancellations

    We updated our cancellation policy for you. As the situation is difficult we don't want to stress you more with unability to cancel if necessary. Therefore now you can cancel by email up to the noon (12.00PM) at the day of booked event. We will send you full amount back. 

  • Boarding

    We say on our web and leaflet: boarding starts at 8 PM, departure is at 8.30 PM. Makes no sense to come before 8 PM. The boat is closed, we are not allowed to let anybody in according to our contract with the boat owner. (except the staff) Also, everybody gets seat  assigned by our system, therefore whether you enter the boat first or last, at the end you sit at the same place. Thirty minutes for boarding is usually fine, unless an unexpected problem occurs. Normally it is faster then that. Well, so do not come before 8 PM, get your ticket or voucher ready and don't worry: there is always a huge mass of people but these are boarding "One hour cruise" at 8.PM at the same gate. Jazzboat boarding system is smooth, fast and well organized, there is no need to print the e-ticket, just show it up on the mobile. 

  • Sharing a table

    We have tables for 2, 4, 6 and 8 persons. We never sell more tickets then seats available, however, it could happen that you will share a table with someone else. We recommend to buy tickets on-line on our web. There you can choose your actual seats. In case you decide for a phone reservation we can NOT guarantee that you will be alone at your table. Of course we sell all available seats, some of them are shared with other people. Please, make sure to understand that before you buy the tickets. 

  • What is the price?

    Price is 29 eur or 690 czk and includes 2,5 hour boattrip, jazz concert and a welcome drink. Peak days (Thursdays, Friday and Saturday) are 790 czk. Window seating charge is 100 czk (yellow seating on the plan). Restaurant bill is not included. 

  • Do you accept credit cards and euro?

    Yes, we do for the restaurant bill. We do not for the tickets sold at the entrance - only cash in czk or euro.

    Accepted cc: VISA, MASTERCARD

  • Where do I get tickets?

    On-line on www.jazzboat.cz, or call our reservation manager on tel: +420 731 183 180. Most Prague hotels can arrange your tickets as well. Remaining seats are sold on boat just before the departure.

  • Can we reserve actual seats?

    Yes, but only on-line on www.jazzboat.cz . For all other tickets is first come first serve system.

  • Do you have students discount?

    Yes, student card holders can enjoy the discounted price of 400 czk for Ticket only. NOTE: available ONLY for remaining seats at the door 5 minutes before the departure!

  • How to find the Jazzboat?

    Jazzboat Kotva leaves from gate 2 of Evropska vodni doprava boat terminal under the Cechuv Bridge (5 minutes from the Old Town Square). By metro - nearest stop is STAROMESTSKA, line A, by tram - Pravnicka fakulta stop of tram No. 17.

  • When is the boat open?

    Boarding starts at 8 PM, departure is at 8.30 sharp. With the E-ticket come max at 8.15 PM. 

  • What about jazz concert?

    Jazzboat represents only professional jazz musicians. It is always a full band, trio, quartet, quintet sometimes. Forget the performance with one pianist! Jazz Experts will not be disappointed, given the quality of musicians and you do what you have so far untouched by the Jazz definitely enjoy pleasant music and atmosphere.

  • Can we smoke?

    In dining areas of the inside or outside deck not, it is allowed outside at the very end of the boat.

  • What about the weather?

    In wintertime the boat is heated to comfort temperature, in the summer we have cooling fans and the summer terrace is available.

    • Are you group more then 20?

      Contact us by email or phone for special deals and arrangements if you are a group of more then 20 persons.

    • Could't find the answer above?

      Please email us at info@jazzboat.cz and we will reply with the answer ASAP.