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Sat December 7
Tereza Krippnerová & The Masters
swing and standards
Double bass

Singer and actress Teresa Krippnerová has her charm, young energy and love for jazz music, this all is clearly reflected in her interpretation of the famous jazz standards 

in the rhythm of swing, Latin music, jazz or groove. Her great inspiration are singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Waughn or Schirley Horn, whose influence and musical sensibility

can be heard in Teresa's performance.

She is accompanied by experienced musicians: Ludek Havel - keyboards, Jan Greifoner - bass, Branko Križek - drums

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Sun December 8
Rajnošek B.and
fusion jazz
Bass guitar
El. guitar

Rajnošek B.and  composes and performs his own material. His rendition of jazz connects dominant melody with free-jazz approach. The material is written only by Bharata Rajnošek; he is also the most dominant soloist who uses the different timbre and dynamics of various wind instruments.

As the name suggests, the primary drive of the band is Bharata Rajnošek. A master of almost any wind instrument (especially the saxophone and trumpet) is a graduate from the Konzervatoř Jaroslava Ježka and from a course at the Berklee College of Music. He is a theatre music composer, a co-author of an opera, and an occasional collaborator at the concerts or recording sessions for a number of musicians of all genres.

Other members of the band are Jaroslav Friedl (guitar, also plays in Illustratosphere), Vítek Pospíšil (keyboards), Petr Dvorský (bass) and Otto Hejnic (drums).

B.AND is a group known for their forward motion and inventiveness … they are definitely not afraid of taking musical risks. A stimulating dynamic of interaction and spontaneity assures that the group live performances are always lighthearted and full of surprises.

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Mon December 9
Adam Tvrdý Crossover
jazz and blues
El. guitar
Double bass

A group of experienced professional musicians lead by one of the top czech guitarists, combining blues and jazz. Energetic and emotional playing of Adam Tvrdy varies with characterful vocal of Jakub Zomer as well as his hammond organ playing. Connection of these outstanding soloists with a great rhythm section brings a crossover filled with sensitive interactions and musical dialogs.

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Tue December 10
Coffee time
swing and standards
Double bass

The trio, compound of mature musicians, will play songs from the rich jazz and swing repertoire to create a cosy atmosphere. Rhythmically irritating and yet stroking chamber arrangement pleases the ear of experienced listener, but will not disturb thoughts of those who have not come for the concert, but seek only peaceful spot after a hectic day. 

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Wed December 11
Trialog III
arranged jazz standards
Double bass

This extraordinary jazz group crystalized from the co-operation of great musicians,

who - in spite of thirty years age difference between them  - make absolutely compact

ensemble, which according to it´s necessities, is able to play all styles of jazz music.

TRIALOG produces jazz of chambre character, and with it´s ambitiousness it asks

for high requirements concerning instrumental virtuosity of all musicians. The members of

this Trio represent by their artistic level the very top of Czech jazz music.

 Their repertoir is formed mosty by compositions of all members of this Trio and it is completed

 by jazz standards in their own, original edits.

Petr "Benny" Beneš – piano, Štěpánka Balcarová - trumpet, flugelhorn, Petr Kořínek - bass, 




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