From time to time

we would like to present to you some news so that you know that we do care about you - our visitors. We also continuously try our best to improve the Jazzboat for you: we bring new bands, we make changes in the kitchen and we strugle for the best boat trip in Prague.

  • BOARDING AT GATE 2 | March 19, 2015

    Please note that since March 19th 2015 we are moored at gate No. 2 - not number five anymore. However, what has changed is just the number of the boarding gate not the position. It remains the same as last 15 years right under the Cechuv Bridge.

  • We cruise again from June 18th! | June 14, 2013

    The news of the day is that starting from June 18th we are allowed to cruise again! Temporarily from Rašínovo nábřeží under the the Dancing House. Join us for the great jazz cruise with optional dinner!

    Jazzboat team

  • Cruises cancelled | June 02, 2013

    As you might already know, there is a high water level in Prague in these days and the boats are not allowed to operate. Therefore we have to cancel upcoming events, at the moment we don't know when the situation gets better. We will keep you informed in our News section.

    Jazzboat team.

  • We cruise again! | February 04, 2013

    So this time it was just a short interruption. Starting from today, Monday Feb. 4th we cruise again. Cool jazz tunes for cool people are back! See you on board.

    Jazzboat team

  • Trips cancelled | January 31, 2013

    As you might already know, there is a high water level in Prague in these days and the boats are not allowed to operate. Therefore we have to cancel upcoming events, at the moment we don't know when the situation gets better. We will keep you informed in our News section.

    Jazzboat team.

  • CHECK THE CZECH WINES! | November 01, 2012

    The Jazzboat restaurant & bar improved the menu and the wine list for the upcoming season! We have now new starters, deserts are home made and meals are improved to meet your taste. But mainly we would like to present to you the great CZECH WINES, such as HORT and LAHOFER wineries that are becoming the market leaders in terms of taste and quality of local wine production. Come and enjoy the Prague most popular boat cruise accompanied by the best Czech wines!

    The Jazzboat team.


  • PRAGUE ACCOMMODATION | November 01, 2012

    To all of you who are planning a trip to Prague. Jazzboat is surely one of the activities that should not missed during your trip. Another story is the accommodation: there is a great selection of hotels to stay in. However, for those who prefer an apartment type of accommodation let us propose to you our partner. PRAGUE-STAY is a market leader in terms of quality of accommodation for visitors of Prague. The value for money is great as well as the highly professional staff that takes care of you during your entire stay. If you need a place to stay in Prague, click on PRAGUE-STAY.COM

    The Jazzboat team



  • 2nd deck protected now! | May 08, 2012

    Finally we were able to install wind and rain protection for the second deck. Means that four tables behind the captains cabin on each side are fully protected and could be used no matter what kind of weather is expected! So even if you find the main deck full, there is always chance to book more seats upstairs without any concern. (tables No.  31-34 and 21-24 on the plan)

    See you on the second deck!

    Jazzboat Team

  • Guest video | January 15, 2012


    František Kop Quartet - Jazzboat Prague from cadru on Vimeo.


  • Prague Winter Atmosphere | December 10, 2011

    Check a great short movie by Metron here. Make it a full screen view and put the sound on! It shows the great atmosphere in winter Prague. And don't forget: the view from Jazzboat is even more romantic!


  • Jazzboat has won a 2011 TA Cert. of Excellence! | June 02, 2011

    TripAdvisor awards this certificate to properties who consistently receive excellent ratings from the members. We think our 4.5 rating is something to be proud of and we hope to welcome you on board soon!


    We have prepared for you couple of panoramic views to get better idea about the Jazzboat trip,

    one is taken from the Charles Bridge at the point, where Jazzboat is passing under the bridge. And also panoramic views of the boat interior with a great feature to really see your selected seat before buying! And then, just for fun, we made a short movie reflecting the cool jazzy atmosphere on board...

  • THREE COURSE MENU 20% CHEAPER NOW! | November 04, 2010

    Low season restaurant discount - three course menu is now 20% cheaper then normally!

    There is also special offer by the boat restaurant for the low season: from Nov 1st till March 31st, valid from Sunday till Thursday, the three course menu is 20% cheaper then normal price. No tricks, no gimmicks. You get exactly the same meal as normally, it is just low season. So don't hesitate to visit Jazzboat now: window seats and three course menu is cheaper now then ever!

  • GIVE SOMEONE A GIFT! | September 21, 2010

    Jazzboat voucher - a great Christmas present to someone you like available now!

    Please note that now you can buy a nice present to someone you like: JAZZBOAT GIFT VOUCHER is a perfect solution for you to make someone happy. You can choose one of three versions: just a simple jazzboat ticket, two tickets coming with a bottle of Czech wine or two tickets with two three course dinner. Great idea to invite friends, family or business partners. Don't forget to call for a seat reservation. And don't worry about the weather in autumn: the boat is heated and the atmosphere is more like a real jazz club. So email us to order and go for it now! 

  • STUDENTS - 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE | August 22, 2010

    Special offer for students - 50% discount on remaining seats just before the departure!


    Please, don't forget that there is a special discount for students - 50% off the regular price, it means you pay only 300 CZK. Just respect one thing: this price is valid ONLY for remaining seats just before the departure of the boat. You can not buy ticket for this price anywhere else. Well worth the risk - not always, but usually we can find place for you. So hope to see you at the boarding gate soon!



  • FINALLY ON TRIPADVISOR! | August 18, 2010

    Check our high rating on Tripadvisor - Things to do in Prague


    So after ten years of successful cruising we are finally listed in Tripadvisor! As a great source of information for tourists, it is very important for Jazzboat. Please, if you are familiar with Jazzboat, support us by adding reviews, travel forums, photos and information! This may help new visitors to choose the Jazzboat cruise and spend an enjoyable evening with us. Thank You! 



  • GORAN BREGOVIC CONCERT | July 29, 2010

    Two floating music stages close to each other this summer.

    Jazzboat visitors were really lucky to see concert of Goran Bregovic from a close distance, since the stage was floating on Vltava river with the Prague Castle silhouette in the backstage!

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