Three course menu

  • Pork menu 390 CZK

    pork menu

    Shaved Prague ham served with coleslaw salad and freshly baked pastry

    Pork medallions 150g, bread dumplings, red cabbage and homemade plum sauce

    Homemade apple pie

  • Chicken menu 350 CZK

    chicken menu

    Homemade venison terrine with arugula, cranberries and freshly baked pastry

    Rosemary chicken steak 150g, potatoes au-gratin, calvados and green pepper cream sauce

    Fruit Sorbet

  • Salmon menu 490 CZK

    salmon menu

    Vegetable Spring rolls

    Grilled salmon steak 150g, potatoes au-gratin, sauce holandaise

    Homemade apple pie

  • Vegetarian menu 350 CZK

    vegetarian menu

    Vegetable Spring rolls

    Homemade vegetable lasagne

    Fruit Sorbet




[PDF]The full menu can be viewed here